Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TDCJ Inspector General retiring

Mike Ward at the Austin Statesman has a good story profiling TDCJ Inspector General John Moriarty, who is retiring August 31. Well worth a read for those interested.


  1. The Director of State Counsel for Offenders is also retiring. Will the Board of Criminal Justice hire a criminal defense lawyer or a TDCJ apparatchik? Is someone who supports the defense lawyers and the mission of the office too much to ask for? Probably.

  2. John did a lot for Texas; most of his efforts will not be recognized.

    Enjoy your retirement John, you certainly deserve it.

    Retired 2004

  3. It's nice to see a story like this on Grits. We focus so much on the negative things going on in CJ in Texas that we sometimes forget that there are good people doing good work out there. I hope the changes and progress John was a part of continue to evolve (in a positive way, of course).

  4. Way past time.....

  5. to: 10:52 and 10:56

    Thanks for your rapier type wit.

    Most poster try to speak in complete sentences and some even bother to log in before acting stupid.

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  6. To Homeless Cowboy from 10:56:

    For someone who violates copyright on your blog, like yourself, perhaps having an original thought is something foreign to you.

  7. What did he do? Both contraband and violence went up during his time. I cannot remember any time there was a fair and impartial investigation concerning TDCJ employee corruption. The McDuff situation as I read it in “Texas Tough” was due to a corrupt Parole Board and a bribe. Not much changed there either. The parole board is still the most corrupted in the country. This man is no better than the people who wear white in the prison system. Wait a minute he is worse!