Thursday, May 01, 2014

Montgomery Sheriff crashes drone, again, this time sunk in Lake Conroe

When the Montgomery County Sheriff first purchased a quarter-million dollar drone for law enforcement use, they crashed it into a SWAT vehicle during a training run. They repaired or replaced it, but last week they crashed it again, this time sinking it into Lake Conroe. On Monday, a department spokesman told reporters, "Divers did go down to look for it. They are still looking. It went down in deep water where there is a rocky bottom. Visibility is also a problem because of sediment at the bottom of the lake."

I hate to indulge in schadenfreude, but that cracked me up.

The UAV was covered by insurance, but after crashing it twice, one suspects their carrier may consider raising their rates.


  1. Dang! and I almost got the hang of it.

  2. Another case of Malaysia airlines-itus.

  3. For a more practical use of drones, in this case surveying tornado damage, go to:

  4. Hope Diepraam doesnt' give them a FST...

  5. Silly taxpayers.

  6. Probably a rogue officer doing a little "backyard bikini inspection" around the lake. Would be interesting to see the contents of what the drone was "watching."

  7. Two crashes is a short period. What qualifications do the remote pilots have? This sounds like a safety issue that needs to be addressed.

    1. It's a drone and goes where it's told. Does not need a pilot just a driver and it appears they are dumb drivers.

  8. Wouldn't this make great material for a modern day version of the Andy Griffith show.

    Hey Andy! Can I drive the bearcat/tank?
    Andy I need the remote control for the drone.
    Andy... I crashed the drone again.
    Barn... give me the remote control to the drone.

  9. Name one thing Montgomery County does right to begin with...