Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pay-per-snitch: "It's the American way"

Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith (the county seat is my hometown of Tyler) extolled the virtues of the Crimestoppers program in a recent speech, according to this morning's Paris News, portraying it as one, big pay-per-snitch program:
“I run one of the biggest jails in the state of Texas. I’ve got over 900 prisoners. And it’s because of programs like Crime Stoppers that a lot of them are there. It’s the American way of doing it. Pay ’em for it. Snitch on somebody and let’s get ’em in jail. It works,” Smith said.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they need to post a reward, like in Harris County on Hurtt, to see if they catch old J.B. doing something illegal.