Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Hermit

Grits will take a brief Christmas blog hiatus -- not for technical barriers or travel plans, but more for mental health purposes. (I may have to post one more time on ACLU's Liberty Blog to report the outcome of the escalating "War on Christmas." UPDATE: Here's the second installment.) For now, I'll be emulating the designation assigned to me by this (now-disabled) web quiz purporting to select a Tarot card that best represents you. The result corresponded to my holiday-season mood this year, particularly the art (UPDATE: which has since, regrettably, been removed from the web), so I thought I'd post it in lieu of actually coming up with anything original to write for the rest of the week.

You are The Hermit

Prudence, Caution, Deliberation.

More on The Hermit.

Blogging's a pretty good hobby for a hermit, don't you think?

Anyway, I'll be writing again next week, so until then check out old Grits posts (don't forget this nifty research trick for searching the archives) or read the fabulous bloggers linked in the right hand column.
I've always liked writing and writers, so I'm a big fan of blogreading when I have the time. Reading other bloggers inspires me every morning to write -- both knowing that many of them are reading, since I respect writers so much, and also seeing high-quality work that drives me to constantly improve my own fare. Most of the folks linked on Grits, whatever their political point of view, are there because I feel like I learn something whenever I go on their blog. I encourage you to take time when you can to explore each of them.

So until next week, gentle readers, I'll wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever salutation won't raise your dander. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.