Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Hurtt Prize

Turning the tables, or the cameras, on a terrible idea, Matt Asher has created the Hurtt Prize, a cash award which goes to the first person to capture Houston police chief Harold Hurtt on video committing any violation of the law. Contribute to the award - the bounty is up to $1,465 as of this writing - or grab your digital camera and compete for the prize. I like the idea of the commenter who said the prize should be broken up to give $1 each for amateur pictures of Hurtt engaging in banal activities throughout the day, just to see how the chief likes it. After all, why would you mind if you're not doing anything wrong? Via Jim Skipper.

UPDATE: Kuff has more, discussing this Houston Chronicle article. CK's point about no written guidelines is dead on: Texas doesn't have any.

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