Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Texas jail conditions too harsh for feds, other states

Via South Texas Chisme, see pictures from the Nueces County Jail that led one district judge to say inmates were being housed "like animals," reported the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

I guess it depends on whose animals: Truth be told, my dogs have a nicer place to sleep than a towel on a concrete floor.

Caller Times reported that US Marshall's service removed 55 federal prisoners from the jail this month "after conducting inspections June 7 and 14 and finding gnats crawling from drains and biting prisoners, overflowing toilets and other unsanitary conditions." Yesterday Nueces County judges held what may have been an illegally closed meeting to address the problem.

: Just in case you thought the Nueces Jail is an outlier, the Wizbang Bomb Squad offers up an account by a former jailer of incarceration conditions endured by a friend in a small Texas county.

ALSO RELATED: Idaho inmates housed in a
Newton County, TX private prison that was converted from a county jail staged a non-violent protest earlier this month to criticize lack of recreation time and inhumane conditions. "The prison fired one security staff member and disciplined two others after an April incident when six Idaho prisoners were forcefully cuffed and maced," reported the Associated Press. The Idaho ACLU has said it would prefer building more prisons to housing inmates in Texas - that's when you know things are bad.


OP said...

There is no excuse in a civilized society for inmates to be housed in such conditions. I'm basically a lock'em up conservative; however, unlike most on the right, I believe we must spend the money required to both house criminals under humane conditions and/or force them, if necessary, into effective drug treatment programs.

When public officials and voters refuse to improve decrepit hoosegows, or build more ones when overcrowding requires it, they shouldn't complain when judges order early releases.

Anonymous said...

Galveston County jail is 113% of it's capacity. The "Newe jail " can't pass inspection.

What is wrong here!!!

Anonymous said...

Tennessee Colony Coffield unit, cells to small for 2 inmates, so each gets the cell 12 hours a day, the other has to find a place to exist the other 12. No air conditioning in 110 degree heat, no fans. Month of August, not enough correctional officers, so lockdown 24/7 for the month. Remember, cells that are too small get people locked together 24/7. System demands one black and one white in a cell? Prisoners in Afganistan and Iraq get 10X better treatment than in Texas. Please contact your state rep (not that they care) but at least they may fear losing votes.

Anonymous said...

actually, Coffield does allow fans, but the inmates have to purchase them from commisarry and they have to be approved which takes around a month. The fans are around $35, which is a lot of money for a family to find when they've just lost one income, or impossible for indigent inmates with no outside support to find at all. The 2 man cells have 2 bunks, both inmates can spend time in them together. My fiance is there, and apart from the heat, he says it is better than being at Middleton transfer facility in a 54-man dorm with no privacy at all and no option to purchase a fan at all. Their lockdown was a routine one, and lasted 2 weeks not the whole month of August. The system does not demand one black and one white per cell. I wonder where you are getting your information from. Certainly a lot of cells will be populated like that, but not all. I'm going to visit in December, I'm curious to see if the staff are as friendly as my fiance says.

Anonymous said...

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