Friday, October 03, 2008

Blakeslee profiles prosecutor who ignored TYC cases

A reader directed me to Nate Blakeslee's article in Texas Monthly about Randy Reynolds, "The Reluctant Prosecutor" whose refusal to pursue TYC sex abuse cases investigated by a Texas Ranger put the agency in the crosshairs of angry legislators for the last year and a half. (Nate is the reporter who first broke the TYC sex abuse scandal in the Texas Observer.)

To point out a few highlights from the story:
The uglier the case, it seems, the less likely Reynolds is to put somebody in prison. In the past six years, 58 cases of indecency with a child or sexual assault of a child have been referred to his office. Reynolds has obtained a conviction in only one of them: the case of the former sheriff of Loving County, Richard Putnam, who pleaded guilty to molesting a teenager. Reynolds offered him probation.
The story cites AP declaring that
according to court records, [Reynolds] had declined to prosecute more than 80 percent of the cases brought to his office over a two-year period. (The average Texas prosecutor had declined to prosecute 18 percent during the same period, the AP reported.)
And going forward,
voters in the 143rd District ... may be stuck with Reynolds for a while. One-hundred-dollar-a-barrel oil has brought many things back to this region—new motels, fast-food chains, drilling rigs, roughnecks, landmen—but attorneys are not among them. The State Bar of Texas lists only seven lawyers in Monahans. One of them is dead, one is disbarred, one is the district judge, and one is the county judge. Of the eleven listed in Pecos, there are only four still practicing, leaving aside Reynolds, the county attorney, and the county court-at-law judge. There are simply not that many people around who are qualified, much less willing, to do Reynolds’s job.
See the full story here.


Anonymous said...

It's been a year and a half since the indictments and neither person has been to trial. Kudos for Mr. Blakeslee for milking this for all it's worth. Seems he should've included some information about what the hold up is for those trials. Of course, like most journalists today, he was only looking for information that supported his understanding of the truth. Randy may not be the strongest prosecutor, but if there's such a thing as karma or judgement day, I'd rather be in Randy's shoes than Mr. Blakeslee's

123txpublicdefender123 said...

Why haven't the Texas Rangers asked the Attorney General's Office to step in and prosecute some of these cases?

And with all due respect "anonymous," I don't know Mr. Johnson, but Blakeslee is one of my journalistic heroes for what he has done in exposing injustice in Texas. His book on the Tulia cases was a must read.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information on when Brookins and Hernandez are set for trail? What's going on with all of that?

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General has the case in question and has since last spring. I suspect the reason the case has not come to trial is because there is not enough evidence. Maybe Mr. Blakeslee exposed injustice in the Tulia case, but I believe he is the cause of injustice in this case. Lots of people have been seriously effected, me included, by Mr. Blakeslee's, less than objective, reporting.

Anonymous said...

In my haste I failed to mention my respect for 123txpublicdefender123. Public defenders are, in my humble opinion, the real heroes when it comes to the justice system. Thank you for the service you provide.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Blakeslee's "less than objective reporting"?

Personally I don't believe in "objective" reporting. Not that I don't think it might be a good thing, but like unicorns, I don't believe it exists.

That said, as you're assigning blame, keep in mind that the agency's E.D. Dwight Harris literally quit his job and ran away to hide rather than face questions about what Blakeslee reported, thus hanging his employees completely out to dry. (If he'd shown more backbone, I suspect all of last year might have played out differently.)

The Lege and TYC admin surely have caused a lot of suffering for uninvolved parties in the wake of his coverage, but that's hardly Nate's fault. The Dallas News was already onto the same story and published an independent version days later - the Pyote case was coming out, one way or another.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous poster, if karma or judgment is as lazy as your buddy, the esteemed Randy Reynolds, nobody, including Mr. Blakeslee, will "get what's coming to them."

Anonymous said...

Good post, Grits for defending Blakeslee; he did a good job along with the Dallas News, D.Swanson, in particular. Some who were upset about the expose of administrator/youth sex abuse, knew about it but failed to do anything. If they had acted more responsible, the problem could have been solved at a lower level and much quicker, without the national scandal.

Anonymous said...

The scandal had been building for several years. Remember the book "Raped by The State"? That guy reported all sorts of abuse to his superiors and other state officials, who ignored the abuse and corruption until the WTSS sex case broke the news. Many top TYC people knew about big problems but looked the other way or acted to protect their own. Some are still in the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this prosecutor something that Whitmire should investigate?

Anonymous said...

To date the TYC debacle has not been good for anyone to any great extent. I think the employees and the youth have been big losers. If any of you think TYC has been improved then you do not have a clue! No programs are in place and education is a mess. No one can decide what format to use in operating TYC. What a mess. I forgot Jerry Madden thinks great strides have been made in reforming TYC. Jerry Madden needs a reality check!

Anonymous said...

That last paragraph about the lack of qualified attorneys in the area is yet another example of why juvie facilities that serve overwhelmingly urban youth populations shouldn't be located in rural areas.

Attorneys fall into that category of "qualified professionals" mentioned by advocates of regionalization.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that anyone named Randy is a complete idiot in that neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Here is the deal on Doug Swanson since someone mentioned him earlier. I have to say he did write some pretty good stories and deserved the award he received. However, when he was given hard evidence to show that the Governor and Jay Kimbrough ousted some good Administrators, based on lies, false information, and trumped up allegations that were confirmed with no evidence by OIG, Mr. Swanson failed to write that story. Also, when he was given good factual information that the DMN had printed some lies and slander some TYC Administrators, he failed to make any corrections. Why? Simple, because it might have raised a question about credibility in Mr. Swanson's previous stories on the "WTSS sex scandal/cover-up"? In the end, Doug didn't write the whole story of TYC, just bits and pieces to make himself look good and pick up some nice awards along the way. Typical big newspaper crap. In all liklihood, I am sure Doug sleeps well at night, like any typical reporter.

Anonymous said...

1:12,I don't know which stories you are referring to, but I would add Gregg Jones to the list. He and Swanson have published explosive allegations about TYC employees and facilities with no apparent independent investigation at all. Sloppy and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Some of you folks must have been nearly caught up yourselves, to be so upset with Swanson and his team. His team went to many TYC facilities and did investigations and reports based on TYC's own data, or lack of it. They were investigative reporters and other agency staff, plus some TYC investigators that verified the massive corruption, mistreatment of youth and employees, and general mismangement by those in charge; and failure to follow the laws of Texas and TYC!. If you didn't get all that, you didn't want to get it or were probably part of it. Thanks again, to Blakeslee and Swanson for exposing this rogue agency, that hurt so many youth and good employees, and undermined the criminal justice system in Texas.

Anonymous said...


You are so full of crap. Some of those investigators that gave the information to Swanson and others are the corruption. Get your facts straight. Swanson is a typical reporter that knows lies and scandal sell newspapers, even if the reporters are the one making up the stuff without sufficient evidence. I bet Swanson slleps with his award, but we all know its tarnished with his crap.

Anonymous said...

6:57, I have this opinion because Blakeslee and Swanson never asked me for any information. Since I'm not telling you who I am, you'd have to take my word for it, but if they or any of their "team" really investigated two significant items that I can think of offhand, splashed all over the DMN, they would have taken the time to at least try to talk to me and others with information. Their stories had inaccuracies and lies that damaged people (I'm not talking about myself) and they based those stories on hearsay and bogus information received from the new TYC regime and others with obvious agendas. What I know about their TYC coverage causes me to doubt all of their other reporting. They took the lazy way.

Anonymous said...

Amen 7:38! The WHOLE STORY was never reported because it was not as interesting as the sensationalized story that the public craves. Anyone that believes the "data" provided by anyone still employed with TYC or the media is crazy.
As far as the administrator who was ousted for a bunch of lies, maybe Swanson will report when he wins in court against TYC.

Anonymous said...

State Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, twice increased a senior aide's regular $7,400 monthly salary by $4,000 in both July and August of 2007. The Chronicle found more than 20 instances of temporary pay increases to staffers in his office since 2007, totaling more than $50,000.

That's called a bonus and thus unconstitutional. Too bad Doug won't write about that...

Anonymous said...

TYC knows how to do two things well: to stick together so that not much gets out and to discredit anyone who brings out what they want covered up. The same people still run things at TYC - just look around.

TYC employee do not want anyone to pay for their misdeeds. They are able to enlist a lot of other people to support them. Be warned, they will attack you if you point this out.

Anonymous said...

# 95 / 2008-09-30
Request TYC Investigate All Cases
September 29,2008

As a concerned Citizen of Texas, the included news report highly disturbs me when it states that not all cases are being properly investigated. The possibility that not all cases will be investigated infuriates me. Each child being held under the “color of law” deserves to have his or her case fully investigated. The Youth of Texas deserve to have their perpetrator convicted in a Court of Law and sentenced. Each and every state employee that wrongfully sexually abuses our young people I expect to be convicted, sentenced and registered for life as a Sex Offender.

I am looking to you to see this is done if it takes the rest of your life to investigate each case. As you have been hand-picked to see that each child receives justice, I am holding you responsible and accountable for each Youth that endures the abuse, rape, torture, neglect and brutality of the Texas Youth Commission.

Respectfully watching,
Concern Citizen of Texas



TYC hit again with blistering
Web Posted: 09/25/2008 12:00 CDT

TYC hit again with blistering report
By Lisa Sandberg - Express-News

AUSTIN More than 18 months after the state's juvenile corrections system was nearly torn apart by a sex abuse scandal, the agency's youth advocate said Wednesday that scores of abuse and neglect cases appear to have been closed over the past year without being properly investigated.

Texas Youth Commission ombudsman Will Harrell identified 85 cases of alleged abuse or neglect that according to the agency's own records were closed without being investigated by the agency's administrative arm, the Youth Rights Division, or by any law enforcement agency, in violation of procedures.

Another 88 recently closed abuse and neglect cases were investigated by a law enforcement agency, but not by the Youth Rights Division as required by policy,Harrell said in a blistering report he delivered to the state's top leadership Wednesday.

A total of 564 cases alleging mistreatment of youths were closed by the agency without any record indicating how they were disposed, the report says.

In some instances, abuse allegations were assigned to the alleged perpetrator to investigate, Harrell said. Other cases were left hanging after being assigned to people who had been transferred to other departments and not notified, or to people who had left the agency.

TYC conservator Richard Nedelkoff said in a statement that he was appalled by the report's findings. He said he had been assured that the main problem is that the agency's database does not reflect final dispositions for the 564 cases.

Uncertainty in the area of the treatment of youth simply cannot be tolerated, said Nedelkoff, who was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry late last year after a top-to-bottom agency reorganization. We will not be satisfied with anything less than 100 percent accountability on this issue.

Perry was every disappointed in the report's findings, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. This system should have been addressed, Allison Castle said.

Harrell said the abuse and neglect cases examined by his office include the most serious allegations such as sexual or physical assault of youths by staff members, youth-on-youth violence and medical neglect. We're not talking about grievances like the food is too cold, he said.

Harrell said his staff put in hundreds of hours over the past several weeks examining the agency's records. The results disturbed him so much, he said, that he felt legally compelled to bring the issue to the immediate attention of everyone from the governor's office on down.

He cited a law passed last year requiring him to report flagrant abuses to top elected officials.

Though he didn't name any individual at the agency, Harrell went out of his way in his report to defend the agency's inspector general, Bruce Toney. Over the past year, Toney repeatedly raised some of the concerns to agency officials to no avail, Harrell said.

His findings come more than 18 months after the agency nearly imploded on allegations of staff members physically and sexually abusing youths at facilities throughout the state, with some administrators turning a blind eye to the problem. The Legislature last year ordered sweeping reforms.

TYC spokesman Jim Hurley said in a statement that the agency had already taken steps to revamp the system for reporting alleged abuse and neglect. All cases are now being reviewed under the command of the agency's law enforcement arm the Office of Inspector General rather than its administrative arm.( 2008 KENS 5 and the San Antonio Express-News)

Send to the following:

Texas Youth Commission Contact List


Mr. Richard Nedelhoff,Conservator
Texas Youth Commission
P.O. Box 4260
Austin, TX 78765
Email Comments

Physical Address:
4900 N Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78751

Office Inspector General:

Mr. Bruce Toney, OIG
Email Bruce Toney

Chief Ombudsman:

Mr. Will Harrell, JD, LL.M, Chief Ombudsman
Texas Youth Commission
6400 East Highway 290, Suite 202
Austin, TX 78723
Email Harrell

Special Prosecution Unit:

Ms.Gina DeBotties, Executive Director
904 E. Market St.
Palestine, TX 75801


P.O. Box 2024
Palestine, TX 75802-2024
Email Botties

Send Copies of ALL Complaints to:

Sunset Advisory Commission
P.O. Box 13066
Austin, TX 78711
Email Sunset

Sunset is currently reviewing the TYC , they need
to hear from "YOU". Please take a few minutes to
"TAKE ACTION" to comments and let your voice of
thoughts and opinions be heard. Thank You

Instructions for How to Copy and Paste the Letter

To copy and paste the letter into your senator's web-form at (put TYC links, point your mouse arrow at the beginning of the text that you want to copy.
1.Click your left mouse button and hold it down.
2.While holding the left mouse button, drag your arrow to the end of the text that you want to copy.
3. Release the button.
4.The text should be highlighted.
5.Place your mouse arrow over the highlighted text, click your right mouse button once and let go.
6. A new menu should appear from toolbar.
7.Select Copy from the drop down menu.
8.When you get to the message form field for your senator at (put TYC links here, point your arrow at the beginning of the message field that you want to copy your text to and right click with your mouse.
9. Click Paste from this menu.
10.Submit your form and help our children!

Anonymous said...

It is too bad the OIO did not bother to talk with staff to learn about the files they were going through. An interview is probably a good thing...

That being said I am furious that things which are reported are not investigated. I and so many others go out of our way to be hypervigilant, reporting information which may, at the lowest degree of consideration, be viewed as abuse or neglect of youth.

This is very disheartening. Some days, working for TYC makes you so tired.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that TYC will not look into these allegations because some are against some of the TDCJers brought in to "reform" the Agency? I mean, how did Bronco Billy get away with ordering mass OC sprayings against youth against the TYC policy and the agreed court order? Why was he never brought to justice? Why did he not go before a grand jury? What about the misappropriations of funds by dear ole Demetria? Why was she not brought before a grand jury. Most importantly, the DAs can see that there is unequal justice being dished out by TYC, and that's why so many cases are being no billed. Hell, let's face it, the two that started this fiasco, Brookins and Hernandez will probably never go to court much less be convicted. Of course important cases were ignored because they didn't want to have to make a confirmed finding on one of their buddies.

Anonymous said...

Square on the nail head! If you want to understand the warped culture of TYC then and which appears to be continuing....the abuses and corruption by TYC administrators and top dogs, check out "Raped by The State". Its from one who was in the bowels and seen the corruption, top to bottom; and not from someone who is guessing about the twisted daily operations that brought about the downfall of a once proud agency.

Anonymous said...

It appears someone touched a sore spot and the truth here. Are the abusers upset for being discovered, and now they feel abused? Typical TYC thinking. Did this guy not understand the book? Was he awarded his GED and can't read or write, but excelled in TYC?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever try and read the "book?" It's no wonder that Randy had to pay for someone to publish it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Grudges and sore spots, my friend. Several lawmakers revieved the book, used it and even brought it to the open meetings of the Criminal Justice Committee with Senator Whitmire, Hinojosa, Harris, Madden and others. They quoted many abuses and used the book to help understand how and why reforms should be initiated. It appears the writer scored his goal by releasing the book and helping start the statewide reform sorely needed in TYC, even though you have an apparant grudge with the writer. The ACLU, American Youth Works, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, FOX News and many other youth care agencies applauded the book and praised the writer's courage. Sorry for your own personal and obvious discomfort, but this guy has helped thousands of youth in Texas, who were abused by TYC, and many employees that were misused by the dark,rogue,out-of-control regime. Legal firms have even asked him to testify as an expert during their lawsuits against the failed agency. Best of luck to the writer as he helped bring an end to the reign of terror from Austin TYC.

Anonymous said...

Luke, I am your fatthher. Join the dark side and we will reign over the universe. It is your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Chance's book is the one full of grudges. It is virtually unreadable, most of it is way off topic, and many of the things he complained about were resolved before he wrote his book. You had to put on a hazmat suit to get to anything useful; a ton of toxic waste for an ounce of "something is wrong in TYC."

That's the conclusion I came to after reviewing his book in comparison with John Hubner's "Last Chance in Texas" (a book that appears to have been written to help make TYC look good just when it needed good press the most) when doing a presentation at an academic conference on the state of TYC and the serious literature available (or lack thereof, as the case turned out) regarding TYC.

If my review isn't sufficient, Mr. Chance's book was also reviewed in an academic journal recently:

and Mr. Chance wrote a rebuttal that makes plain just how much of his ego and arrogance are wrapped up in his book. Out of 5 pages he wrote in response to a 2 page review, he spent maybe 2 sentences responding to the review and the rest was self-aggrandizement, some of which bordered on delusional. For example, his claim of a 5 star rating at was based on a single review left by a person who supported what the book represented but apparently hadn't actually tried to read it.

Courage would have been taking the information he had (specific information, not just a vague "strange things are afoot at the Circle K") and telling anyone he could get ahold of that something was wrong until someone listened and did something. A certain case manager at WTSS did just that, which is how Brookins and Hernandez were finally caught. Writing an almost unreadable book full of vague allegations and entire chapters of how the author is smarter than the rest of the world is not what I call courage. The main reason his book showed up in the hands of legislators is because he was grandstanding for attention and took advantage of someone else breaking the story to make himself look important.

I'm glad TYC is getting fixed (at least that's what they've been telling us for the past year and a half) but let's give credit where credit is due. Mr. Chance did a lot less to help TYC than he wants people to think. Maybe I should take credit for saving TYC because I presented my analysis that "stuff is about to hit the fan" at the academic conference 4 months prior to the DMN breaking the story.

Anonymous said...

The TYC Board and some lawmakers were made aware of TYC failings back in 2003/04, far before your 'saving' of TYC. The letters were made public through the Dallas/Houston News. Several staff at WTSS knew about the sexual favors being provided to administrators by youth, yet failed to act. Senior TYC management also knew years before about big problems and in some cases intentionally covered for their hand picked sexual abuser administrators. It appears you were there when this took place. Why didn't you intervene, since you know so much?? It appears you are now forced to provide services that you failed to provide to youth earlier, so you are now in discomfort? Are you the type that allowed the implosion in the first place? How do you sleep,with all the apparant guilt you must feel? Isn't that referred to as 'projection' by those of your caliber, to keep the blame on others and away from the true source - You. Have a nice day and try to not harm yourself. Some reforms require people to really do their jobs, rather than make excuses for not providing treatment for youth and causing a loss of the public trust by going along with the twisted, 'protect our own' clan in power. Irregardless of your personal agenda with the author of the book, he appears to have gained statewide support by exposing this network of horrors, which was verified by other organizations. Go Randy.

Anonymous said...

WOW, can someone else get in here? I know Randy and Bio. The indorsements about the book at, disagree with Bio's comments. He has an apparant goal to discredit the book, perhaps to focus faults away from TYC and maybe himself. Informed sources indicate you - Bio, did know about sexual abuses and possibly in concert with the local media, went out of your way to suppress it? There is strong evidence that all this will come out at the trials, so you have perhaps, good reason to discredit all you can. I bet you did know the s... was about to hit the were right in the middle of it and helped cover it up, didn't you? If this is true, then wouldn't you are as guilty as the administrator sex abusers. The caseworker who reported the abuses was far behind the assistant principal, who reported the sex abuse to the superintendent; but you should have known that and discarded it, right? As far as Randy, he did an excellent job of bringing this to the public and also far ahead of you or the caseworker. Once his book became public, several got in line to report abuses and mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

"and Mr. Chance wrote a rebuttal that makes plain just how much of his ego and arrogance are wrapped up in his book. Out of 5 pages he wrote in response to a 2 page review, he spent maybe 2 sentences responding to the review and the rest was self-aggrandizement, some of which bordered on delusional. For example, his claim of a 5 star rating at was based on a single review left by a person who supported what the book represented but apparently hadn't actually tried to read it."

Oh now that's funny! But this is even better...

"Courage would have been taking the information he had (specific information, not just a vague "strange things are afoot at the Circle K") and telling anyone he could get ahold of that something was wrong until someone listened and did something. A certain case manager at WTSS did just that, which is how Brookins and Hernandez were finally caught. Writing an almost unreadable book full of vague allegations and entire chapters of how the author is smarter than the rest of the world is not what I call courage. The main reason his book showed up in the hands of legislators is because he was grandstanding for attention and took advantage of someone else breaking the story to make himself look important."

Now those are TYC outsiders who obviously summed up what we all knew. The book was nothing more than, well, a run-on sentence full of rants with no clear intention other than to play a burn game. Maybe you all should file open records request and see how he wrote those investigations?

Anonymous said...

Did Bio/Dio just plain lose it,... again? The dude is sick.

Anonymous said...

Can Diogenes just paste and copy here? He's wasting our time with his double comments which mean little as it is!

Anonymous said...

He can join Randy at the nut farm if he ever did.

Anonymous said...

The old guard has to discredit Randy Chance's book. One little known fact is that only a very small part of his book (Raped by the State, 2004) referred to the sexual abuse of youth by TYC staff. Almost all of the book outlined the TYC cover up system that we all know so well. In that, he was right on th money. No one would talk about that before Randy blew the lid off of TYC. He referred to the "untouchables" on every campus who cover up for each other and promote each other (still do). They always had the administrators to watch their back.

Now these TYC untouchables are known as Grits bloggers (or whiners). They still deny everything and complain about Whitmire and those pesky ole reporters who should have never looked in on their dirty little game.

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one 5:22, sounds like you're pretty good at whining. Are you a part of the old guard or the new and improved screwed up version?

Anonymous said...

Way to go 5:22. Of all the reviews I've done on this site, you seem to be the only honest one. Unless you worked in an isolated ool in Austin, you had to know about the mismanagement and who was getting away with what and who would be promoted even before job postings were sent out. D.H. moved his cronies into every area of TYC and it was their watch that allowed TYC to rotten from their ill leadership, if you could call it leadership....I call it corruption. Just look who was fired when the truth began to emerge. Yes, it took a book by someone who was concerned enough about the agency and real criminal justice to bring the truth to the public. Like it or not, most of you old-timers knew what was going on but were afraid to rock the boat, to insure you own position safety. You were't alone, most folks did the same...however, how can you now sit back and critize the book and author for trying to bring change and improve the agency? Someone has to step-up; why didn't you?

Anonymous said...

9:40, you might have given yourself away in the first sentence. I think you ARE 5:22, and are probably the book's author. "...Randy blew the lid off..."? Really? In 2004?

You (and some others I can think of) remind me of the rooster who thinks the sun comes up every morning because he crows. I hope you sell every copy, but I think those who were there already know the truth and no one else cares.

Anonymous said...

I tried to read the book when it first came out, but it was so poorly written, both grammatically and factually, that I never finished it. I'm just glad I was reading someone else's copy, and did not spend my own good money on it.

BTW, Randy "quoted" a good friend of mine, who told me that what was written bore no resemblance to what he told Randy. So much for factual reporting!

Anonymous said...

Several people wrote to TYC board members and lawmakers, back in 2003and 2004. Some communications were exposed by the DMN through the open records act. I too, read the book and noted some errors. I have also noted errors in other books. Some folks miss the big picture...the expose, administrative cover-up for 'team player' abusers, the youth abuse, illegal detention, illegal use of security and special plans, that should be monitored by psys...but weren't, misuse of employees and public funds; and seem to concntrate on a grammer error, as personal revenge. Its good that most people aren't like 12:22am, since everyone would be fooled and miss the big picture. This dude has went far out of his way to trash the book. Why? It appears you were brought out in the book, or by the book's expose and want terrible revenge. If so, then, hey you should have been doing your job in the first place and you wouldn't be so bothered by the book! Get over it, see your friend, a psy..or transfer out of TYC. Many were grateful for what the book brought out, however there are always some ingrates,who are jealous or feel exposed in their own position, and... sometimes criminal positions. "A good friend told me" about hogwash, this is a great example of what LIARS use to spread bunk.

Anonymous said...

Ref 522....I am not Randy but I do know him and I also am aware of numerous similar situations such as he wrote of. I think...know.. many old timers are also aware of much abuse of power and misuse of youth and employees. Many have hurt youth, covered for coworkers and simply turned the blind eye to mismanagement and corruption. When you do that, you are part of the don't sit back and complain that someone or lawmakers want to reform TYC. Some of you have soft jobs with the agency and don't want any change; it could upset your soft job! Many have forgot what the agency is and rehabilitation of troubled youth. Rehabilitation was replaced with abuse and institutional warehouses, which some of you dearly support. If you are so insecure in your activities, perhaps you should look twice in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

For those new to the TYC scandal, here is something to start with. Randy Chance's book "Raped by the State" opened the whole dirty story of TYC. Chance used poor grammar and should have used an editor. Then there was an investigation (at Evins) of TYC practices by a state Senator.

Next, Nate Blakesley wrote the article "Hidden in Plain Sight" in Texas Observer 02/23/2007. This was a good brief description of how TYC works.

Next, Doug Swanson (Dallas Morning News), Mike Ward (Austin American) and others did some investigative work and wrote some good articles outlining the TYC corruption.

Blakeslee, Swanson and Ward didn't have an interest in the bigger story. They mostly limited themselves to the small part related to the sexual abuse of youth by TYC staffers. They ignored all the other points brought out in Randy Chance's book.

Those stories have not yet been told and top staffers at TYC now are able to benefit by this ignorance. Most of the TYC story is still "Hidden in Plain Sight."

At least, this will give you a start. To verify this for yourself here is a tip, read Randy's book and then look around at your facility or site and see how well what he described is still what you see now. Be aware that hiding things in plain sight takes a lot of skill and those in the in crowd are masters of this.

Anonymous said...

And are there black helicopters hovering overhead, 2:05?

No, a more interesting story is what happened after the coup in March 2007. Now, THERE'S a conspiracy!

Anonymous said...

Lots of the worse administrators and managers, some who covered for each others abuses, got what they gave to others for years! If you feel sorry for this bunch of criminals, you're probably one of them; or they protected you with their dark cloak and misuse of power. Too bad that their replacements seem to be nearly as bed.

Anonymous said...

Book sales must be down, Randy is really trying hard to push his book.

Let me try and give it a plug.

For a closer look into the evil empire that used to rule TYC with it's dark and rogue imperial cloak, pick up the highly publicized book by Randy Chance, "Raped by the State". Any 3rd grader with a 1st grade education can read it, and see that it lacks objectivity and credibility, but it can be yours today for as little as $19.99 You may also be lucky enough to get the autographed version, if Mr. Chance can remember how to spell his name.

How's that? Can I do a QVC infomercial for you?

Anonymous said...

Too bad Randy's an idiot who likes to talk to himself on this blog. It's apparent that he had to put together some farce he calls a book to get back at those who never promoted his dumb ass.I guess since I posted that I must be an old guard member who abused kids. Get real, I never worked with them. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Your previous outrageous posts proves you're a psycho. Grits had to pull your posts, thankfully.
Anyone who has been around for awhile and knows TYC, knows Randy's book has helped the overall situation.
Apparantly you have been touched personally and deeply by the expose. Were you fired or about to be? I hope you weren't around youth, with your warped attitude. Maybe you should check the price of some medications to control your rage. Watch your blood pressure also. The book helped many but apparantly you are to envious to understand.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Randy. You call that a book? It was nothing but an ego filled racist psycho rant.

Anonymous said...

I just love all these anonymous mud-slings! Wouldn't it be funny if it were found that these folks making outrageous accusations about each other back and forth, actually sit in the same OOL?

Anonymous said...

Still no word on Brookins and Hernandez? Look what we have after nearly two years.

Anonymous said...

Hey's obvious that Randy's 'Raped by The State' hit a home run! It started a major reform in Texas and the book has you twisted tight enough to explode. It must have come too close to the truth for you. No one else seems as bothered as you. Were you in the book? What page? said...

I bet 'Psyco' gets fired within 30 days of Cherie taking over. Hopefuly, she'll clean the remaining TYC upper corruptive/abusive/criminal administrators.

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If you want the real details behind the sex scandal at WTSS...ask Diogenes. Right in the middle and probably knew while it was going on, but failed to act!

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