Thursday, February 26, 2009

Open Thread - Crimjust committees meet in Texas House

I'm out for at least half the day to spend three hours in a dentist's chair.

In the meantime, I'm disappointed I'll have to miss the House Corrections Committee's organizational meeting this morning at 8 a.m., (update: see the archived video here).

Meanwhile, the House Criminal Jusrisprudence Committee met for the first time yesterday. I was invited to speak to their organizational meeting on behalf of the Innocence Project of Texas; watch the video to grade my performance.

The House Public Safety Committee had a brief organizational meeting Monday; see the video here.

And finally, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal Justice was busier than any of them, meeting three times this week revieiwing budgets for various agencies - they did TDCJ, TYC and TJPC on Tuesday (here's the video from that meeting and an archive of their broadcasts).

Use this as an open thread while I'm away from the blog to discuss these committee's work and any other legislative topics.


Anonymous said...


Watched the video. You did good!
The blond in the pink needs to sit still and listen. From the video seemed like Hodge was the only one on point who cared.

Hit the Urinalysis Labs. Your project can keep people out of prison if you look at the old bill 1068 (79)R with confirmations....make CSCD's use the confirmations.....Bexar really screwed up and is still out of control. Other counties are using junk science to convict with urines and salivia tests to send people to prison. If there is no confirmation from certified lab....then violations of probation does not go to court!!!! Have CSCD's not send any violations to the DA's unless the urine sample is confirmed from certified labs. Please help stop this junk science!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott, let us know which is worse: A toothache and three hours in a dentist's chair, or watching the Texas Legislatue make laws.

Anonymous said...

Not speaking for Scott, but, having been in a dentist's chair and watching Laws being "made" the latter is much more painful and ever-lasting.

Retired 2004

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Doran, at the dentist they have much better drugs. Retired is right that the latter pain is more enduring.

Anonymous said...

Scott, great job.
Why is the chairman allowed to use taxpayer resources as a babysitter? No other job would allow such a thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the 4 year old had no business in the Hearing and for the Chairman to ask for people to just over look him, was absurd!

Has he ever heard of babysitter? Or where is Mommy?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the child is being breast fed and has to has to be close to the source.

PS any idea what was presented for TYC.