Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not soon enough: Bexar probation director out in January

Bexar probation director Bill Fitzgerald has announced he'll resign his post in January, though he assured the SA Express-News that "his resignation has nothing to do with the no-confidence vote by the misdemeanor judges or the bribery investigation, or multiple wrongful termination lawsuits by former employees." Yeah, right! I'm sure instead of those reasons Fitzgerald just wants to spend more time with his family, don't you think?

Though this is welcome news, August to January is a long stretch for a lame duck to run an already dysfunctional department. If he's going to leave, it'd be best for everyone involved if it happened sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

CSCD Policy has always been to accept a resignation, but show them the door. Fitz can quit on that day, but be gone, NOW!

Anonymous said...

He needs to go NOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, give the man a break!! He needs some time to cook the books and steal the family jewels before gently going into that goodnight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Right on Grits!!!! Pack your bags and go now, Fitzgerald!!!!

Anonymous said...

He needs to be given a box and escorted out of the building like he did to others. Who is to say he won't take legal documents or try to ruin more lives. He deserves the same treatment he gave to good officers. 1. Fitz, 2. Cline, 3. Mobily, 4. Sharp......

Anonymous said...

Why should he be given 4 months of pay or the dignity to leave when he feels like it?

Anonymous said...

Have any of the allegations against him been substantiated?

If he was a common criminal, you guys would probably go easy on him!

Anonymous said...

The judges can meet and vote to terminate the chief's employment before 1-4-10. But the judges MUST meet as the Open Meetings Act requires. The act is very specific that the date, time, location, and subject of meeting must be announced 72 hours in advance. The announcement must also be posted.

The meeting must be in a room accessible to the public. There must be a quorum to vote on the termination.

Since this is a personnel issue the judges can deliberate in a closed session. BUT BUT the meeting must first be opened in an open session. This is done so the public can know which judges are present to vote and that there is in fact a quorum.

The act goes further to state a final decision about the termination can't be made in a closed session. The final and deciding vote must be done in an open session. AND the vote can't be by secret written ballot.

Chief Fitzgerald has the option of asking for a public hearing which would not allow a closed session at all.

It is very important the judges comply with the Open Meeting Act. There is a provision which allows any decision made in violation of the act to be voided. There is also legal penalties to judges that knowingly violate the act.

As citizens we also need to make sure the act is complied with. When the judges begin their search for a new chief, we want to be part of the process. The same act will require judges to announce meetings when they vote on a replacement.

Probation Officres will need to demand the judges of all people will follow the law.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about blogger 8/18/09 8:45 pm. This joker has it easy compared to michael vick and he is messing with peoples lives not dogs. If i had my say, well never mind.

By the way what how the hell has he tured the department around. He states he turn it around. How, I dont see it. I think it is worse now then ever before, but you would not see it because your nose is prob so far up something that belongs to Fitz baby. When thee law suites go to court you will see yourself, what a rotten SOB we're dealing with. You would see it quicker if the atty general's office would stop playing games and stalling. lets get it on.

I sure bet you wish, your hero had an ounce of the tenacity & guimption Simonelli has.

Anonymous said...

9:26 Blogger, sounds like you know your stuff. Maybe you should apply. God knows that department needs someone who knows what is going on. Not just another puppet for the Judges. It is possible there is a viable candidate within that department? NOT. LOL.

Anonymous said...

to 8:45 blogger. Yes, they have been substantiated in their own words. Excuse me, he is not a common criminal. He is the DIRECTOR OF A PROBATION DEPARTMENT that alone makes this whole mess reprehensible. All those who support him or think he has done no wrong need to be gone as well. It speaks volumes of their own principles.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting quote in the SA-Express article is "I could have easily won tht battle because the district court judges would have supported me," said Bill Fitzgerald. Well, if that's true, then why did Fitzgerald announce his resignation. I never took you as a quitter, Billy. Come on, it's only Round 5 so retract the resignation letter and let's get ready to rumble some more. What's with the "No Mas?" All fatso needs is some smelling salts and a good cutman to finish the fight. The fans want their money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Much has been written about the county court judges fight for justice against the unrepentant district judges. The county court judges are portrayed as the only judges competent enough to make a rational decision. The district court judges are criticized for not taking any action at all. It seems strange these two conclusions would be associated with either group.

I mean what do we really know? Are we to believe a news story about secret ballots? Come on people, why would we believe a story about the outcome of a secret ballot? Can we even trust the person who counts a secret ballot? Can we depend on the person who reported the secret ballot to the news paper? Maybe the person who reported the secret ballot to the news paper changed the numbers. My point is, are we all so stupid to believe such a grand tale without proof?

You will also read accounts of how the district court judges support Chief Fitzgerald. Even Fitzgerald will tell you the district court judges support him. But again why would we believe this. There is no verification any district court judge supports him. We read the story and are expected to believe it. Are we to believe a man that is being sued. Are we to believe blog comments from anonymous people saying the district judges support the chief.

It is interesting people will feel so strongly one way or the other without letting the facts get in the way. I think we have all been taken for a ride.

ALL of the Bexar County Judges have been very careful to avoid making a decision about Chief Fitzgerald. Sure a few will make comments to the news, make a show of support to the union, and say something to help their re-election. BUT not one has made a statement where it counts, in a meeting such as the one held on 8-14-09.

Any judge can make a motion in one of these meetings to review the job performance of the chief. This has not happened because ALL the judges do not have the backbone to do so. Instaed we get secret ballots or no vote at all.

I believe the probation office has a problem that starts with the judges. Unfortunately the probation department is in the middle of a disagreement between the judges. The employees of the probation department have been sacrificed by the judges battleing to stroke their own pride. Their is a struggle for control of the department and probation employees will loose no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Last Blogger??? Several Judges have been quoted in the paper on how they feel about the chief?
Some are very vocal....some we do trust.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something, 9:52, judges are attorneys. If their lips are moving, their lying. Why do you think they do everything in secret anyway? It's so they can cover up their lies. Don't give the judges too much credit. They are soul-less creatures.

Anonymous said...

To 12:19am. Yes "vocal" and "some we do trust". If being "vocal" is all you want then great. But what about action. Anyone can be vocal and many people are to cover up their inaction.

The judges hire and/or fire the chief probation officer. Some judges havw spoken out, big deal. Words Words Words, Blah Blah Blah. Why have the judges attempted to make this everyone else's mistake? They hired the guy. If Fitzgerald is competent then keep him, if he is not why would the judges wait until 1-4-10 for him to leave.

You also say there are some judges we trust. Again why can't they be identified? Are you afraid you may get in trouble if you identify them? Stop making excuses for them.

Are these judges some kind of super heros that have to keep their identify secret while they fight for justice and the american way?

Anonymous said...

As we saw with TYC, probation, parole and corrections allow certain types to exercise authority in an unchecked manner. Usually there is a tight clique that supports each other and the top dirty dog.

At these places the thug is in the house and he's sitting in the front office.

Anonymous said...

The judges don't have the nerve to take him out of office.

Chief Fitzgerald has told the judges when he will leave and under what terms he will leave.

Since it apears Chief Fitzgerald does have all the power, maybe he does want to be with his family.

He has lasted through all the suits and allegations for many years. Not in jail yet, not fired yet.