Thursday, March 04, 2010

Texas CCA recognizes two more non-DNA exonerations

According to AP:

A Texas appeals court has agreed to set aside the convictions of two Dallas men wrongly imprisoned for capital murder.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a ruling Wednesday agreeing that 39-year-old Christopher Scott and 54-year-old Claude Simmons Jr. were innocent. The men were serving life sentences for the 1997 slaying of Alfonso Aguilar until their release last year.

Prosecutors say another man confessed to the crime in a sworn videotaped statement from prison and implicated an alleged accomplice, who was arrested in October and charged with capital murder.

Scott and Simmons will be eligible for compensation based on time served. Each will receive a lump sum of about $960,000, plus lifetime payments of about $80,000 a year.


Hook Em Horns said...

OK OK...first we lead the nation in DNA exonerations and now, our own CCA, the home of Killer Keller is setting aside convictions? This does not exactly instill ANY CONFIDENCE WHATSOEVER in Texas to convict and imprison ANYONE! Hello?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Well, the first step toward rebuilding confidence, one supposes, is admitting past mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I don't earn 80k a year, isn't that a little steep after the initial compensation package?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"I don't earn 80k a year"

Neither were you falsely accused and convicted of capital murder, I presume, nor did you spend a dozen years in prison for a crime you didn't commit.

Don said...

Anonymous 05:52

What kind of price would YOU put on a year of somebody's life? I would have a difficult time thinking ANY amount was even sufficient, much less excessive.

TCADP said...
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Thomas R. Griffith said...

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Scott & Mr. Simmons. Those of us with a heart wish you only the best in your endeavors. May you live long and prosperous.

Please except the taxpayer’s apology in the form of money. Sorry it is not a million per year like it should be.

The State of Texas apology will be in the form of a worthless piece of paper. C-ya both in Georgia.

TDCJEX said...

Anon 5:42

80k does not even begin to come close to compensating any one who has been Incarcerated for any length of time . Apparently you don't have the slightest idea of what prison is . They don't know the life long psychological effects of incarceration . And that often even those who are successful in that they do not return to prison and finds some meaningful end up on disability because of the severe psychological and sometimes physical damage done . TDCJ by far is the most brutal and inhumane prison system in the US. .

Millions a year and full health carve a long with other needs taken care of will not ever replace the wasted years and all the harm .This is the price we pay for a win at all cost to hell with the Constitution style Justice . Grits is right you have not been falsely accused and convicted spending years in a hell hole trying to prove you are innocent . I doubt you can conceive it . I have seen it . To see a mn you know is innocent locked up has to be one of the most heart wrenching things .Right up there with having to see a person that someday you know will be executed and not have a choice because you are wearing white . Now add in the very real possibility that a person you see on death row is innocent . Now don't even try to say that wont have a serious psychological effect on you .

Both Grits and Boyness are right This does not inspire confidence at all but admitting you are wrong is a big first step and for the CCA a huge first step

Anon 5::52 Seeing you are so envious, why not go confess or have others say you committed something say murder and see if it is worth 80k a year if you manage to get exonerated .

Anonymous said...

Just remember, a great deal of that $80,000 will be paid in taxes that benefit you and me.

Thomas R. Griffith said...

Anyone know the names of the lawyers, ADAs and judges in these two 'Victims of the System' cases?

FYI - Folks, the Post isn’t about $80,000.00. Please don't allow it (Post) to be high jacked by this same ol Anon. that has plagued GFB forever. The temptation to correct and/or spank (him/her/it) will fall on dumb ears. With that, I'll take everyone back to the Post with this.

Two humans had lawyers 'sell them out' to the ADAs and a judge or judges allowed it. Police officers and detectives got the ball rolling. Hence the term "Texas Railroad." One has to be falsely arrested in order to be wrongly imprisoned.

Taxpayers paid everyone's salary and will pay for the reparations afforded to these two humans. Grits just told us about the $960,000.00 EACH and some frigin Anon. took everyone down the $80,000.00 yellow brick conversation road.

In closing, take a look at your W-2& then go look in your receipt drawer. Chances are that you paid anywhere from 8.25% to 28% in taxes. Now you can go to sleep at night knowing that you contribute to the state sponsored railroading and subsequent apologies in the form of bribes to let it go. Thanks.

Hook Em Horns said...

Yes, the first step in righting wrongs is admitting your wrong and for the CCA, this had to be just tough as hell to do.

I would suggest that even with this action the rebuilding of confidence is still pretty far off. Yes, they have acknowledged TWO exonerations but I would suggest that the justice system in Texas is so flawed that I would question nearly every conviction.

It would be interesting to see how may convictions in Texas would stand in other state's courts.