Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alleged coerced confession interrogated in El Paso habeas hearing

An ongoing habeas hearing in an El Paso district court seeks to overturn the 1995 homicide conviction of Daniel Villegas based on what the defense claims was a coerced, false confession. Testimony resumes today. The case has received widespread local attention and is even the subject of a corrido (ballad) by a band in northern Mexico. See coverage from a local TV station:
And from the El Paso Times:


Anonymous said...

Come to Smith County. That's all they do up here. The judges set high bail asked for by the prosecutor and they hold folks in jail until they plead guilty. We're tuff on crime!

rodsmith said...

as far as i'm concered ANY confession or any other testimony not recorded in unalterable media at the coerced! and should be disgarded!