Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TXDOT: Grant funds paid for overtime never worked by Dallas deputies

Dallas County will have to repay $214,000 for overtime paid to Sheriff's deputies for time they didn't work, the Dallas Observer reported. The seven officers, three of whom were fired and a fourth of whom may be soon, were being paid through a Texas Department of Transportation grant fund aimed at paying police overtime for DWI and seat belt enforcement. Grits had earlier suggested that cuts to that same grant fund were responsible for fewer traffic tickets being written by Texas police officers last year. I didn't realize some officers were just taking the money and not writing tickets anyway.

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rodsmith said...

Interesting if any group of "civilians" managed this.

It would be

Criminal conspiracy, fraud, embezlement charges as a minimum

Guess they are right. They ARE a seperate society.

Past time we declared WAR on it and destroyed it.