Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tyler judge reprimands prosecutors, will report them to state bar

From the Tyler Morning Telegraph: "Judge Kerry Russell reprimanded prosecutors in court this morning because they did not immediately notify Nichols' defense attorney about his weekend arrest. Russell said he would be notifying the State Bar of Texas to investigate the conduct of Jason Parrish and Richard Vance."


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see something come of this. Sadly, SBOT will likely do nothing. It seems the bar is more concerned about "protecting the public" from civil lawyers and criminal defense attorneys than protecting the integrity of the judicial process which is frequently pissed on by judges an prosecutors alike.
On a side note, an unnamed Willianson County court coordinator was mockingly reading aloud an application to be a court-appointed lawyer. This applicant only wanted appellate matters and "serious felonies." The applicant was John Bradley. I'd love for GFB to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors are the least accountable, and most powerful, attorneys in the State. These ADA's will laugh at this report, and the Bar will sanction this conduct.

Anonymous said...

As usual, there's more to the story than the Tyler Paper reported. One of the tv stations reports that an investigator with the DA's office texted the judge and asked him to do something improper.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Judge Russell for stepping forward and reporting two prosecutors who failed to notify defense attorneys about a recent arrest, and it’s probably the least of their malfeasance.
As many of us know, too often prosecutors of this state skirt the mandates of their office as specifically described in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure just to secure a conviction, and that ultimate feather in their cap. Of course it’s up to the Bar to stop them, but they seldom do because the members of SBOT, are former prosecutors, and most feel an allegiance toward their brother and sister prosecutors . They are in bed together, and have been for years.
This cozy arrangement is responsible for innocent persons being convicted and incarcerated. Witness: Michael Morton, Anthony Graves, as well as the other exonerated persons across the country. Who was ultimately responsible for their gravely incorrect and illegal conviction? The prosecutor.
Judge Russell probably kept an innocent person out of the prison system.
Thank you Judge Russell for doing the job you took an oath to do!

Former TCLEOSE instructor
Former Dallas Police Officer

Anonymous said...

In this case, the defendant was clearly guilty. He admitted to multiple people that he shot his wife. There was really no need for the prosecutors to do what they did. They had an easy win already.

I think that in the Smith County DA's office they are taught to do these things and that is just the way the operate-they cheat even when there is no need to cheat.

Anonymous said...

The judge didn't keep anyone out of prison. The defendant was found guilty of murdering his wife.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Findings of prosecutorial misconduct almost never keep anyone out of prison, 11:29, especially in Smith County. Ask Kerry Cook.

I agree with 9:17. The Smith County DA's office is so used to engaging in such behavior they appear to do so when it isn't even necessary.

rodsmith said...

Yea grits. I have a brother like that. Would lie even if the truth would sound better.

If he told me the sun was out at noon i'd have to make sure there hadnt' been an eclipse i didn't know about.

Anonymous said...

Anyone thats had any dealings with Judge Russell woudnt applaud him for anything. He runs his court room like its a audition for court TV.

Anonymous said...

That monster judge sentenced a 16 year old child to 50 years for firing shots at probation officer then they prosecuted him further for drug pos. You gotta be kidding me. 16 years old the good lord will be the final judge.