Wednesday, June 26, 2013

State law encourages prostitution diversion programs, if grants are available

Good coverage from the CBS affiliate in Dallas of the new prostitution diversion initiatives mandated for larger Texas counties by the 83rd Lege - or at least it's mandated that they apply for a grant and mandatory that they implement the program if they get one. Here's a notable excerpt quoting a judge from Dallas Harris County, describing the model that the bill now aims to get other counties to emulate:
District Court Judge Maria T. Jackson has sentenced 20 women to the program, working closely with [nonprofit advocate Kathryn] Griffin to monitor their treatment.

“Society has not been addressing the problems of the prostitutes and the women who come in for possession of controlled substance and theft. They’ve been locking them up when they should be dealing with the other, the underlying issues, which are the majority of these girls come from abused homes,” Jackson said.

“They are the victims and they’ve been treated like criminals,” she added.

When they’re released, Griffin first takes the women shopping, “cause all they have is hooker clothes,” she said. Some go to drug rehab or a halfway house. Many require job training. And all must attend Griffin’s external workshop every Wednesday for at least 18 months.
Grits generally supports this project but dislikes this namby pamby non-funding mechanism. If it's worth mandating, ostensibly, it's worth budgeting for. Why leave it up to the Obama Administration or other grant makers whether to fund the Legislature's priorities?


gravyrug said...

Because they'd rather spend the money on more special sessions?

Anonymous said...

LEGALIZE the Fair Act sexual activities TRADE-why make anyone travel out of country or to Nevada to get a piece of the ACTION? Keeping it a clandestine activity keeps it tied to other much worse illegal activities.
By legalizing it, you can help control the diseases associated with such activity by having the prostitutes monitored by local health departments like they do Overseas.
And the physical activity can be manual activity such as hand jobs.
During the trips home on Liberty Ships during WWII, prostitutes gave American War Veterans hand jobs to help relieve their tension and stress levels.
Afterall, there isn't anything worse than a man with BLUE BALLS loaded up to his ear level in sexual frustration.
Treat this as a choice of occupation and not OMG!, they was forced into it...and bring it out into the open.
Create "safe sex zone by legalized workers" with current health cards and close the door on illegal prostitution forever.
I still don't understand how and why Nevada has the monopoly on legalized prostitution in America-is this an Organized Crime Issue?
Can be easily cleaned up and put a lot of folks to work. Using proper protection will keep it where it needs to be-SAFE and necessary for folks who do not want a relationship or marriage or a child. Keeping this profession in the closet and prosecuting the participants is not helping this 100000 year old profession.
Time to release the MIND STRAPS and Social fears and move it into modern society where good monies and jobs could be had...

Anonymous said...

Judge Maria T. Jackson is a Harris County judge, not a judge in Dallas.
She was elected in 2008 and re-elected last year. She is trying hard to be a good judge, something other judges aren't doing.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thanks 9:43, you're right, I must have misread. Corrected the post to make Judge Jackson from Harris.

Anonymous said...

CBS-DFW is to be commended for presenting an important story straight without the usual demeaning clich├ęs. Note to users: no one has the right to buy another human being. Sweden, Finland, and Norway passed the Nordic Model law that recognizes prostitution as an abuse of human rights. The law de-criminalizes and provides rehabilitative services to the person used in prostitution and penalizes the buyer, pimps, and brothel owners. USA communities can do the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a man invented prostitution...since it was long ago thought that women were property anyway.
2:24am...get with the times...they are achanging

Charleston Attorney said...

I have to agree with 12:05 PM, it's time to get rid of prostitution not make it legal. And this sounds like a great program that actually addresses the issues with prostitution.