Monday, November 18, 2013

Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man

Texas Monthly's Leslie Minora has a short piece in the New York Times about exoneree Christopher Scott, who took his compensation money and opened a men's clothing store two years ago. The item honed in on the Beau-Brummellesque fashion sense peculiar to Dallas-area exonerees that's been much remarked upon when they've come to the Texas capitol to lobby and testify. “The spiffy look is unique to the Dallas group, according to Karen Wolff, a social worker with the Innocence Project.  'That’s just who they are; they’re just regal,' Wolff said.  Seeing the men, she added, is 'like you walked into some kind of conference for large, snappy-dressed black men. It’s a sight.'”

She's not lying. Having attended dozens of events over the years with Dallas-area exonerees as part of my work with the Innocence Project of Texas, including numerous lobby sessions and committee hearings at the capitol, Grits has become accustomed to feeling like a pigeon amidst a field of peacocks whenever I'm around them. Wrote Minora:
Scott’s store is both a convenience and a physical reminder of the group’s expectations. They have an image to uphold, and it’s not that of criminals.

Dr. Jaimie Page, co-director of the Texas Exoneree Project and a social work professor, said that as more exonerations took place and the group became a brotherhood, fashion became part of their culture.

“Part of it is very deep and meaningful, and part of it is fun,” Page said. “It helps with their new identity. It helps with their self-image and self-esteem.”
See the full story. Congrats on the coverage, Chris. Hope it draws you some business.

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doran said...

C'mon Grits. Those of us who aspire to something flashier than black cord denims need some photos.