Thursday, December 05, 2013

Innocence news and notes

Here are a number of recent innocence-related stories that merit Grits readers attention. The Michael Morton documentary described in the final bullet airs tonight:


Anonymous said...

"Unreal Dream" is broadcasting SUNDAY!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Yeah, it was scheduled for Thursday but they preempted it to cover Nelson Mandela's death.

Anonymous said...

The "texting judge," Elizabeth Coker, is running for Polk County District Attorney just six weeks after signing a resignation agreement with the Judicial Conduct Commission. Her agreement became effective on December 6. She announced her new campaign yesterday on How in the hell does this corrupt woman still have a law license?

Anonymous said...

The Innocence Project fonder, Barry Scheck, the original NY City hug-a-thug liberal.

"To Scheck" entered the legal vocabulary and came to mean to bully a witness, or to act self-righteous or melodramatic.

By comparison Al Sharption looks dignified.