Thursday, April 24, 2014

More turnover at TJJD top spot

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department will soon have its third executive director in less than a month, according to the Texas Tribune. Mike Griffiths, who'd been there about 18 months, recently retired, and "Linda Brooke, the current interim executive director, is leaving TJJD for a job in Fort Worth." Now:
A special board meeting is scheduled for Thursday to consider and possibly approve David Riley as Brooke's replacement.

If confirmed, Riley, who is currently chief juvenile probation officer for Bexar County, would start on May 12.
Whoever is the next E.D. at the agency, I hope they're given time to right the boat. More than anything at this point TJJD needs competent, stable leadership. Over the past seven years they've had incredible turnover at that top spot, as well as in many of the key leadership positions in senior management.

If Mr. Riley gets the job I wish him luck; he's going to need it.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Brooke is making an intelligent decision. If history tells us anything about TYC/ TJJD, the new Executive Director will be doing a house cleaning in Central Office. Those in management positions should be feeling uneasy.

Anonymous said...

Reilly named as interim only. Chair of the TJJD board says he was the "only" person considered. Does he become the permanent ED, or do we end up with four ED's in the span of three months.

If they are not keeping Reilly - not sure he wants to leave Bexar - then it seems strange to bring an outside part-time interim from the filed.

Maybe the board is wanting continuity from Griffiths' tenure.

8:10 - not sure Ms. Brooke was too worried about that. She had survived the previous four ED changes.

Anonymous said...

No matter who is named permanent E.D. the Legislature will be critical of him or her. How could anyone want that job?

Anonymous said...

"No matter who is named permanent E.D. the Legislature will be critical of him or her."

True, at least if Lege = "John Whitmire"

JJ said...

Texas Department of Public Safety head should take over there to "redeem" morals and ethics through obfuscation and reorganization strategies.

Billy R. Hollis said...

Perhaps it would be better for the new ED to get rid of all of the incompetents who seem to hang on through every change in leadership and make "righting the ship" impossible. Let me get out my Casio mini and calculate the astronomical odds that that will happen...and the survey says...No Chance!

Anonymous said...

"the incompetents who seem to hang on through every change in leadership and make "righting the ship" impossible."

They have hung in there through all the scandals and by training the new hires they self replicate. There is no end to this culture.

Unknown said...

Changing the name of the Agency wasn't enough to change the culture. You have to change the culture of incompetence and bureaucratic waste.

You also have to change the way you look at the offenders. Here's a news flash: The Juveniles ARE going to Prison! Start running TJJD like a prison.

Just changing/hiring a new ED isn't enough.
Staff need to be completely re-trained in their way of thinking. They think they know security/corrections, they do not.

TJJD/TYC either needs to have an ED that answers only to the Governor/Attorney General, or TJJD/TYC needs to be come a division of TDCJ.

Ryan Campbell

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hollis, you were a true asset to our agency. Your loyalty to the agency and its mission is remarkable. I hope you can return a day that you see fit and continue to contribute to the agency.