Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dem donor dumps big bucks in Bexar DA's race

The Bexar County DA's race may turn out to be as interesting as the ones in Dallas and Houston.

A wealthy trial lawyer from Corpus Christi will give up to $600,000 to Nico LaHood, the Democratic challenger to Susan Reed for Bexar County District Attorney, to purchase TV advertising, the SA Express-News reported. That large a TV buy could make the race competitive, whereas most political observers previously considered Reed a prohibitive front-runner. She defeated LaHood in 2010 by a 54-46 margin.

Reed says the donor, Thomas J. Henry, has ulterior motives for his gift: Payback for her office indicting two attorneys for barratry who had worked for Henry some years ago. LaHood says Henry wants to move to San Antonio and believes the justice system isn't doing enough to combat child abuse. The donor himself has not publicly commented on his role. Who knows the truth? Maybe the guy just doesn't like Susan Reed.

Here's the thing: Even if Reed is 100% correct about why Henry donated so much money, complaints about contributors' influence won't move the needle nearly as much as that much TV advertising will. Your correspondent worked for 14 years as a professional opposition researcher and, though candidates love to complain about their opponent's major contributors, the public just doesn't care. It's not an effective attack. If I were managing Susan Reed's campaign, I'd have her shut in a room 12 hours per day dialing for dollars. If she can't afford to respond to that sort of TV barrage, one wouldn't be shocked to see an upset.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

I did, but it's irrelevant. Like saying someone has a Libertarian challenger.

Anonymous said...

I'm a libertarian and think a person should be able to spend his money anyway he chooses. I don't much like lawyers, but, like the Koch brothers, they should be able to contribute to campaigns for any reason they choose.

TriggerMortis said...

Like every other third world country, our government is also up for sale to the highest bidder. How cool it must be to own a district attorney...

Anonymous said...

Is this worthy of your attention now, Grits?

Anonymous said...

Live in SA and saw one of the challengers TV ads tonight. Slick, professional, so I wondered immediately who paid for it. Thanks, Grits!

Anonymous said...

Try 700K not 600K and the ads are good!

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