Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ISIS in Texas and the 'global war on jackalopes'

On BurkaBlog (Oct. 9), Eric Greider at Texas Monthly showed that claims of ISIS terrorists entering Texas through the Mexican border are falsehoods, suggesting the next logical step for those blustering over terrorists crossing the border should be to launch a "global war on jackalopes," which pose a similar level of threat. She concluded:
there's no plausible reason to think that this is one of those cases where the lack of evidence suggests conspiracy or suppression, rather than an actual lack of evidence of ISIS fighters trying to cross the border. In certain circles, both of the preceding points--the lack of evidence and the lack of logic--are being dismissed by some fearmongers on the basis that it's better to be safe than sorry. They may be correct about that principle, and if so, we should all be concerned. If Texans focus undue energy on being infiltrated by ISIS, that necessarily limits the resources we can direct to fighting other threats--some of which, unlike this one, are actually serious issues on the border; some of which, unlike this one, are real.
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Anonymous said...

It's almost hilarious, until you realize that these are the same people Greider shills for in almost everything else she writes.


Anonymous said...

People who wish to harm and kill Americans wouldn't cross our open border. They have too much respect for us to do that.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@3:20, try thinking before writing, and keep the sarcasm to a minimum, especially on topics about which you're clearly clueless - it keeps from wasting everyone's time.

It's not respect that deters but self interest. ISIS succeeds in Iraq because a) the populace supports them and b) the US has no boots on the ground.

ISIS won't attack here because a) the US public does not support them and b) America would send troops to Iraq if they did.

Bin Laden et. al. attacked America because they WANTED the US to overextend itself in overseas conflicts. And they succeeded - our idiot leadership fell straight into their trap by invading Iraq. That's not ISIS' goal - the last thing they want is to provoke the US to re-invade.

Anonymous said...

"ISIS won't attack here because..."

As long as we understand the mind of terrorists and their complex motivations then I guess it's OK to keep our border open.

There is so many strains of this virus that it's hard for me to keep them (the terrorist groups) straight.

If we can devine all their motivation I guess we can trust them not to take advantage of the open border. It's worth a gamble. However, my powers of devination are a bit lacking.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@9:18, I was reacting to the specific claims/lies that ISIS had infiltrated the border, been caught, etc.. One can only address so much idiotic froth and mendacity at one time.

That doesn't change the fact that whether we are attacked here depends mainly on what we do THERE.

Besides, the 9/11 terrorists came in on legitimate visas and even most of the drug smuggling happens through the legitimate checkpoints. A free country whose economy is so driven by imports and exports cannot realistically become Fortress America without dousing the economy.

Finally, no one has suggested "open borders" but only fixing the immigration system to solve the labor-market problem instead of using it for politicized, fact-free demagoguery. In a nation where 12 million live in the shadows, living in the shadows is easier for the handful of terrorists who might come here to harm us. Fix that and you'll do FAR more to protect America than stationing thousands of troopers and Border Patrol agents out in the boondocks guarding the tumbleweeds.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

BTW, Politifact gave the claim of ISIS infiltrating the border a "pants on fire" rating, labeling it "incorrect and ridiculous."

Anonymous said...

I genuinely hope politifact is correct because if they are no harm done.

However if they are incorrect, the consequences will be damning and irreversible.