Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Assault on youth by guard at Evins caught on video

As if state officials need another excuse to consider further downsizing of Texas' youth prison system, "A juvenile correctional officer at Evins Regional Juvenile Center was caught on video assaulting two youths that were in his care last fall" for taking a remote control, reported the McAllen Monitor (Feb. 2).

Regular readers know this is by no means the first episode at Evins. Honestly, it's seemingly always something.


Anonymous said...

Assault and illegal choke-hold also done on seriously mentally ill inmate at Skyview: no cameras (conveniently off) and no punishment for guard who did not like that the patient/inmate did not follow a simple, non vital, order.

Excessive force and un-needed assaults BY STAFF cowardly perpetrated on the most vulnerable inmates go on DAILY.


Anonymous said...

"Accountability" is non-existent in the State of Texas and has been that way for a long time.

Anonymous said...

what about the numerous often daily assault on corrections officers and other staff that is NEVER reported by this or any other site? These are often serious injuries. So stop feeling sorry for these teenage felons, who in many cases are as vicious as any adult prisoner.

John K said...

Is it your position, Anonymous 11:16:00, that beating any inmate for any reason -- no matter how trivial -- is justified because some vicious inmates sometimes attack guards? I hope not ... because that would make you seem pretty simple-minded.

Anonymous said...

Let the blood-letting begin here as anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

Happens everyday in prisons and a lot more!

Anonymous said...

I guess you're also going to show videos of young criminals assaulting staff members. Yeah, didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was department of corrections not corruption!

Anonymous said...

There are - will be - natural consequences for what is going on. Natural consequences are the ones which occur spontaneously in life - as opposed to punishment, which is human-generated.

When these inmates get out, after having been brutalized by guards, they will have learned that:

* Violence and excessive violence are, in a sense, "legal" -- after all, the guards even got paid to abuse them, it must be all right to beat your wives or children.

* There are double standards in justice -- they already knew this, bec/ the privileged serve less or no time -- now the guards can get away literally w/ murder. So, why obey the laws?

* That nobody gives a shit about them. So, why should they give a damn about society?

* That the system is corrupt -- not much differently thank their own past behavior which led them there.

Now, HAVING HAD THIS AWAKENING, while incarcerated at the expense of taxpayers, WHEN THEY GET OUT, they can PASS THIS LEARNING ON.

-- and those who were already psychopaths, now have a triple diagnosis: just add PTSD, DEPRESSION, DISTORTED THINKING, RAGE, and I can't think of what else, in addition to the fact that, because of their record, they can't get jobs, rent apartments, get bank accounts, or even get aid bec/ they need an address to get help.

NOW, ABOUT the GUARDS after their violent behaviors:

-- To behave this way, they MUST have their own unresolved psychological and/or family issues -- Being allowed to behave this way, they are empowered in theor thinking that violence is OK and justified.

-- Thus, the guards will CARRY-ON this violent behav/ in their own private life, to the joy of all who come in contact w/ them.

-- Their sense of guilt (for those who are able to feel it) and shame goes deeply in their psyche to destroy every little bit of self-esteem and self-worth that they may have had prior to having a job they thought was respected and valued by society.

-- If the guards had psychological issues to start with (many of them do, like all other humans), now they will ALSO SUFFER PTSD and depression -- turnover is rampant there.

-- If the guards decide to become lifers they will become desensitized, or angry, or bitter, or will feel helpless, unappreciated, and just plain miserable --- many will turn into full blown psychopaths themselves.

BENEFITS: All the above feeds the prison industrial complex which benefits stockholders, vendors, politicians, the phone company, the corrupt staff, and God knows how many other entities.


Violence boomerangs back into your own family, your own soul, society, and the universe; no matter how you may justify it.

I made a long story here that could have summarized into "What goes around, comes around."



Anonymous said...

So long as humans are working with other humans, people will do things they shouldn't. This was reported by TJJD staff, investigated by the OIG and processed appropriately resulting in termination and submission of the case by TJJD OIG for criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

Charges were filed

Anonymous said...

Not against the guard who placed a choke-hold (prohibited by TDCJ) on a non-violent inmate/patient.

Anonymous said...

to 6:08 -"Charges were filed "

Thank-you for the information.
Can you place share with us information about who filed the charges, what where the charges, where were the charges filed and against who.
I'd like to follow on the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Hoops... I meant to say "please", not "place"..

Anonymous said...

But how long did it take for this to come to the attention of the correct staff? So after this incident occurred it was immediately reported to the appropriate supervisors? Did any supervisor attempt to cover this up? These are the questions I would like to know? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I was informed that the superintendent at the Evins facility passed away recently, this is sad news. But since Evins has always been a powder keg who will be put in place to run this facility temporarily until the new superintendent is hired? This will be a major test for David Reilly and his leadership. Will he move a current state office administrator in Evins who has previous superintendent experience (smart move) or transfer a leader from a another facility (bad move). We are watching.............

Anonymous said...

First you know who will make that call!
Who do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

I would require either Tom Adamski or Teresa Stroud, both former superintendents. But that would be a smart move, so far I have not seen a lot of smart moves from this agency. But David Reilly will need to make this call, but if your intent is to close all TJJD facilities within the next 4 to 5 years why worry, just allow Evins run itself :)

GodIsGood said...

Jorge Gonzalez was the assistant Supt. at the time but he was moved to Giddings as a cover up and to protect him. This dirt bag is still doing dirt in Giddings.