Thursday, December 10, 2015

They said you want kill people and not go to jail?? I said 'F--- ya'

Grits can't believe San Antonio PD let this officer back on the force. What do they think their constituents will say the day he shoots somebody? From the SA Express-News (Dec. 9):
A San Antonio Police Department officer was suspended for 30 days without pay for a social media post, according to records obtained by
Officer Daryl A. Carle received the punishment after SAPD found a Facebook post on Carle's profile in August, suspension documents show.

“I love my job!!! They said you want kill people and not go to jail?? I said “F--- ya, Who don’t?... They said you afraid of the jungle?? I said “I ain’t scared of sh--... I’ve been wanting go jungle since watched that Predator movie…I love my job!!!!!! Lol," the post said, records show.

SAPD Chief William McManus said in a sit-down interview Wednesday that Carle told him the origin of the post was a quote from a YouTube video series.

The series, “Action Figure Therapy,” which posts funny and sometimes vulgar videos of action figures ranting about military and tactical topics. (The linked video contains NSFW language.)
San Antonio already faces enough problems on the police shootings front, keeping this guy on the force seems like they're just asking for karma to come smack them later. The entitlement to free speech is not an entitlement to a job.


The Comedian said...

He wants to kill people and not go to jail! He's in the right profession.

Anonymous said...

LEO with that sense of humor/world view makes as much hiring/employment senses as an OBGYN/Pediatrician posting DEAD BABY cartoons all over the office and delivery room.

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how many of these personalities are out there to test their mettle looking for that big gunfight. Seriously, there are some that crave this violence. I spent nearly a quarter century with some lime this.

Anonymous said...

Used to listen to the same ole crap in the coffee houses in San Antonio in the 60s.