Wednesday, February 10, 2016

False confessions roundup

Here are several recent items on the topic of false confessions which merit Grits readers' attention:


Anonymous said...

Grits, thanks for the info. As I take my time reading through them, the following should be mentioned just incase none of them links False Confessions to the 95% -/+ of criminal cases disposed of via the percentage of Plea Bargain(s) that are derived from erroneous legal advice (aka: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel) dispended to alleged first time offenders & probationers. Doing so, as to ensure folks that False Confessions can & are also solicited from the very ones charged with Defending the accused aka: CDLs and without the approval of enablers it would not be allowed to happen. The ones that take it all the way to trial, are the good guys, if they do their due diligence prior to filing Ready for Trial notices. As to why in the hell the - Sleepers and Fake CDLs get a pass from the good guys should be worthy of a posting of its very own.

It is very important that Defense Lawyers be including in the mix along with the percentage of rogue Law Enforcement that engages in various forms of acceptable torture technics in efforts to obtain a falsified conviction from a vettable falsified arrest. I can tell you beyond any friggin doubt that it takes an Entire Team Effort to successfully convince a Client (paying or appointed) to stop a jury trial in progress in order to assist in convicting him or her self. If one of the players were to balk, the case will go all the way to a jury verdict where if the defendant is falsely convicted, he / she would qualify to appeal and receive post conviction assistance considerations, or disappear like it never even happened for those who can prove innocence and have real lawyers in their corners.

In Harris County, the Team players get the inmates up at 3:AM and march them from hold cell to holding cell under ground for hours and hours, as some are bused in from bumf&ck. The green meat sandwich goes good with something resembling a cookie and cool aid. The malnutrition and lack of sleep combined with marching around from 3 til 8, isn't just some rotten sheriff's deputies personal idea. It's sponsored via training and the condoning of the entire Team of players that ultimately present defendants to the CDL in order to do his / her part. The media is embedded so far up the Teams but's, you'll never ever read one word of this being equated to torture and the effects it has on taking pleas vs. allowing the system to function as a legal / justice system.

Allowing it to become Rigged and allowing it to remain Rigged for decades is an ongoing financial joke being perpetrated onto the public at large and the alleged crime victims, where everyone claims plea bargaining as a win, even the jurors that are let go without doing anything but playing musical chairs and answering a few well placed questions making them think they are going to participate in a trial, to verdict. When they (F.Cs.) are born out any form of torture including falsified legal advice, the jails fill up and empty their contents into prisons like clock work, without anyone knowing what just happened, or if the real criminal is actually being punished. Rinse & Repeat & back to the sand pile.
C-ya, I have some reading to do.

Anonymous said...

If they confessing its got to be false.

Anonymous said...

You might want to catch up on those meds, too.

Anonymous said...

oops! 8:16PM here, looks like I was lonely and depressed on V Day. I actually thought I was lashing out against my haters on Twitter, my bad. After reading the blog, I must say I never knew this was going on.