Thursday, March 24, 2016

More on Pam Freeman indictments

The Houston Press followed up on the Pam Freeman indictment story.


DEWEY said...

I'm betting that the worst that will happen is that she will be allowed to resign. (Look what happened to Andy Kahn !!)

Anonymous said...

Which Andy Kahan scandal are you referring to? The sexual assault of a rape victim? The firing for theft from the Parole Board? The Buice mess? The betrayal and manipulation of Crime Victim's solely for personal advancement?
Seems like in Houston the Mosquitos, cockroaches, and Kahan are a case of eternal survival.
However, Pam Freeman is in some ways more culpable, due to her "Authoritay" which she misused and violated any oath or job requirements that were applicable. She needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Anonymous said...

re: Dewey's comment...

Are you not aware that Pam Freeman has not been a Board employee for several months now? She was effectively terminated but remained on the books until she exhausted her leave balances. That is my understanding as to why the original posting of her position was only a temporary authorization to fill and that the permanent posting did not come until the middle of last year.