Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Training Day: How often do Texas police shoot each other while training?

Grits contributing writer Eva Ruth Moravec, who has launched the Point of Impact series investigating Texas police shootings of unarmed people, sent out an email today posing the question, "How often do Texas police shoot each other while training?" There were three in the first year data was collected under a new Texas law for FY 2016, including the first in her series of narratives regarding police shooting cases with unarmed victims. Here's the text of her email:
One of the 19 Point of Impact shootings took place at a gun range near Dallas, where Irving Police Department's SWAT team was training one day last year. But it was one of three training accidents involving Texas law enforcement last year.

While the other two incidents led to disciplinary action, the Irving incident - in which an unarmed training officer was injured - did not. In total, 169 people were shot by Texas law enforcement from September 2015 to September 2016, and 20 percent of those individuals were unarmed.

The story ran in the Austin American-Statesman Oct.3, and is also on the project's website. Also on PointofImpactTX.com's site: videos, a StoryMap so readers can follow along, and even more department policies than we started with.

I'm so grateful and excited for where this project has been and is headed. To check out the buzz Point of Impact has had so far, listen to our interview on the Texas Standard and read this Grits for Breakfast post. And, keep an eye on Grits for a forthcoming podcast about the project soon.


Anonymous said...

Accidents in all fields and professions occur on a daily basis. Electricans get shocked, roofers fall off roofs, planes crash killing pilots, steel workers fall or cause steel to fall on others...all of which are human and lack perfection no matter the level or amount of training.

Anonymous said...

True ! I sometimes get nearly lethal papercuts as a street level bureaucrat

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Well, 7:48, electricians, roofers, steel workers, etc., all have MUCH more dangerous jobs than police officers - not even close, statistically speaking. As 2:55 implies, falling off a roof is not quite the same sort of accident as shooting somebody.

Anonymous said...

Grits - True and if this blog was critical of any other profession besides LE (criminal justice system as a whole), one can use stats to advance any argument.

While I know this isn't a medical malpractice blog, more people are injuried and/or die in a single day at the hands of Drs who make bad decisions than by LE in an entire year.

Anonymous said...


...which is why Drs. have sky high malpractice insurance costs -- to cover such blunders.

And, most people volunteer to interact with doctors, get second opinions, WebMD, etc. Doctors don't randomly interact with people-on-the-street, injecting them with a syringe full of life-threatening antibiotics.

Hey Grits, what are the stats for Med Student-on-Med Student accidents?
Anon 7:07 wants to know.

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