Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scam soliciting money for fallen officers in wake of Dallas shootings

Grits just got a scam robocall from something called the National Police and Troopers Association, which apparently has an affiliation with the national AFL-CIO' International Union of Police Officers, trying to collect donations in the wake of the shootings of two Dallas police officers, one of whom has now died. But there's almost no way any of that money would never end up in the hands of dead officers' families. A blogger who checked the group out a few years back found that:
for the year ending March 31, 2012, the union and its outside fundraisers collected $8.2 million and kept $7.7 million for fundraising fees and expenses, leaving about $500,000 for other purposes. That’s a fundraising efficiency of 6%–less than one-tenth the 65% threshold that charity watchdogs consider the bare minimum for a legitimate operation. 
But it’s really stinks even more. According to the tax return, out of that last $500,000, the union handed out charitable grants–scholarships, and a death benefit for one officer in Indiana–totaling just $35,000. That rounds to just 1/2 of 1% of the money raised.
Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't see the group on the the Texas Attorney General's list of registered organizations licensed to do this sort of law-enforcement themed fundraising. Correction: They're listed as an AFL-CIO affiliate, and spend 77% of their earnings on fundraising, according to the AG.

Grits has railed against these law enforcement themed charity scams for years, but this is a new low. Sleazebags.

For the record, if you want to give a donation which will actually go to the Dallas officers' families instead of a bunch of scam artists, this is the link to use, via the Dallas Morning News.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of law enforcement adjacent telephone scams:

These were reported all over Texas starting in 2018. It speaks loudly about the extreme lengths RSO's take to try and remain compliant before and after supervision.

Tom said...

Grits: They are on the AG's list you link to. And, they spend 77 percent of total revenue on fundraising.
That's outrageous.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Ah, the IUPA - I see it! My bad, I was looking for NPTA.

Megan said...

I fell victim!

TheHawk296 said...

This sounds "off" for an AFL-CIO affiliated union of any kind, particularly the low percentage of funds applied to the cause. Unions are generally dues funded, not by “donations”. Also note that the fund raising entity, was/is a private contractor and not the union itself. The blogger cited also appears to have a strong anti popo/anti union bias.

Has anyone checked with AFL-CIO HQ to see if the purported popo affiliation to the AFL-CIO is correct? I’ve check both sites and neither union seems linked to the other. Take note that IUPA is based in Sarasota FL On Ringling Blvd nonetheless) and the AFL-CIO is based in DC. My guess is that the AFL-CIO affiliation is fake and may have been put there by the fund raising company.

Full Disclosure - I am neither a cop nor a union member.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@TheHawk, on their website they claim affiliation with AFL-CIO. They've also been identified that way in multiple media stories, and the affiliation is listed on the Attorney General's website. Your perception of my "bias" doesn't change the facts.

That said, the affiliation is odd for more reasons than just flying in the face of the AFL-CIO's perceived credibility, or my lack of it, in your eyes. For historical reasons, almost no police unions are affiliated with AFL-CIO in the United States. Ron DeLord explained why in our interview earlier this year.

BarkGrowlBite said...

I never accept solicitation for police groups made by phone and I am careful about solicitations I get by mail. 77 percent spent on fundraising? It's 90 percent in some cases.