Thursday, May 23, 2019

Call your state senator to support #SandraBland legislation!

Police unions are launching a massive misinformation campaign about an amendment to S.B. 815 limiting jail time for Class C misdemeanor arrests. Check out this absurd press release in which they suggest drivers will physically attack cops if police are required to give reasons when they arrest people for Class C misdemeanors. See here for a more reality-based assessment of the amendment.

Cops are doing an all-out blitz against the bill, and Texas state senators need to hear from reform supporters. Go here to find your senator’s contact information and call them now! Ask them to support the House Amendments to S.B. 815.


Anonymous said...

"the irrational, emotional argument for this legislation..." Made me spit out my coffee. Welcome to legislation composition 101 Officer. I'd roll my eyes but it would probably trigger the cop down the streets radar gun.

Steven Michael Seys said...

I'm beginning to wonder if the union has the best interests of it's members in mind when it does these things, or if it's just revelling in its power.

SOFAQ said...

I called all three of my senators to support this. Great job as always Grits.