Friday, August 02, 2019

DPS intelligence chief who briefed Trump on immigrant rapists himself accused, arrested, jailed for sexual assault: He ran the state's fusion centers gathering intelligence on millions of Texans

This seems self evidently awful, so rather than opine on the subject in prose, here's the short version of how I feel about this story:

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Steven Michael Seys said...

I have noticed in today's society that the people who cry out the loudest that the other person is doing wrong are the ones doing worse.

SOFAQ said...

I agree with the comment above. I have noticed this time and time again, since 2012 when I started my blog

I posted this story here:

All hail the mighty Grits For Breakfast!

Joe Winters said...

One of the FBI people that were sprinkled throughout the agency.

imnotalone said...

I’ve noticed a peculiar similarity whenever a state/federal government employee is arrested. They’re always fired first, then arrested. There maybe an occasion when this doesn’t happen first, but I can’t remember one.

It’s almost as if being fired first removes some protective force field or something.

Now, I’m aware of the term legal fiction and legal person. Since “Intelligence Chief “ is an obvious fiction, are these employees stripped of one office “legal person” then arrested, are the placed in another like office of person?

I know, strange!!! Still law is anything but, unambiguous, so, I thought I would make my observation known. I don’t know why.LOL