Thursday, January 28, 2021

Poll: Texans overwhelmingly support Senfronia Thompson's "George Floyd Act"

The University of Houston polled 1,329 Texans on numerous criminal-justice topics, including state Rep. Senfronia Thompson's George Floyd Act. Their poll question did a pretty good job of summarizing the legislation:

They polled both the act as a whole and each individual component. Opposition was incredibly low in every case:


Politicized debates during the election season elided areas of broad bipartisan agreement and portrayed policing issues as a source of partisan contention. These results show there are important reform policies on the table that would receive overwhelming public support. Many of those are included in the George Floyd Act.


Anonymous said...

The problem in this statement of overwhelming support is who is your sample group? A bunch of white kids that go to UT? A disproportionate amount of minorities? Most Texans are sick of criminals. Look at the disaster that is Harris County with this ludicrous bond issue- Over 80 people last year murdered by criminals out on MULTIPLE bonds. The leftist Judges have 0 judgement and not much will change until a few of them or their family members become victims. More people are extremely pro-police "do whatever you need to do to control these criminals" but say nothing as they don't want to be called out and lose their jobs or be "cancelled". You are so far off in your la la attorney/academia land.

Anonymous said...

Typical left wing agenda driven polling performed to influence legislative policy in the middle of the legislative session. This is about as predictable as the sun coming up in the East tomorrow morning. Yawn!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

FWIW, 9:47, the political scientists who did this run polls several times per year and poll emerging issues every session. As sources go, they're pretty neutral.

There are parts of the police-reform agenda - most notoriously the "defund police" slogan - which consistently poll poorly. This poll is a reminder that more modest policing reforms have consistently polled well.

@7:39, the Harris County Jail is full of both prisoners and COVID. They can't lock up thousands out of fear that a few out of a county of 4 million will commit murder. Data is not the plural of anecdote and *tens of thousands of people cycle through the Harris County Jail every year.* They can't all stay locked up.