Thursday, October 21, 2004

Adieu Askew

Liberty University graduate Alan Askew's father, also his employer (he "manages" his father's ranch), is trying to buy the Texas House District 45 race with a $200,000 loan to buy television ads. Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell was one of Askew's earliest donors, and came to the district to speak on Askew's behalf last week. Askew's father sits on the Liberty University Board of Trustees. Askew's wife literally used to be Falwell's receptionist! Incumbent Patrick Rose from Dripping Springs is a centrist Democrat.

With these facts in mind, I offer this limerick in Mr. Askew's honor,

Adieu Askew

Alan Askew’s Dad paid his due

All through college at Liberty U

Jerry Falwell and Dad

Bought his TV ads

Like Rick Green, with a Swaggert-toned hue.

Well his cowboy hat looked so gay

But right-wing ties gave him away.

Tell Falwell to go

Where the sun never shows

And vote Rose on election day.

(If you like this you might like my earlier post on Askew.)

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