Friday, November 04, 2005

Texas leads parade toward 1,000th execution

Says Fort Worth Weekly ("Not So Easy to Kill," Nov. 2). Also see the blog, 1,000 executions, chronicling the nation's march toward that macabre landmark. I'd lay odds that thousandth man will be a Texan.


karl said...

Hate to be a contrarian, odds favor an execution in NC or VA as number 1000. Looking at the "serious" list, 1000 is scheduled to be Ohio. Realistically there be at least one if not two stays along the way. Virginia has currently scheduled number 1001 (Lovitt), 1002 (Atkins) and NC has 1003 (Boyd). Of the three executions after Boyd, (Ford, Williams and Allen) two are in California. Put another way, Texas has only a very outside shot at being 1000.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Maybe, but as Doc Berman pointed out, there's still a chance Texas will execute the 1000th GUILTY defendant.