Friday, January 13, 2006

Darrow contest results: Farting with the Queen

Okay, we have a winner: after all, you don't run across fart jokes ever day that include the Queen of England in the punchline, so James Canup wins the prize for the following gag he attributed to an old Ms. Manners column:
It seems one day some dignitaries were having a ceremony where they would be presented to the Queen of England. They were going to ride up and meet her on horseback in some ceremonial ritual. As one dignitary rode up on his horse, the horse suddenly emitted a loud expulsion of gas. The dignitary, in front of the queen, apologized, "Oh, I am very sorry, your majesty." The queen replied, "That's quite all right. If you hadn't said anything I would have thought it was your horse."
Thanks for everyone who sent one in, and I hope everyone will attend one of the two showings of the play about Clarence Darrow at Austin's First Unitarian Universalist church tomorrow. Have a great weekend, folks.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks, Scott. I just can't hold it in - I'm so excited I'm about to explode. Yes, I won't be able to contain myself, I'm simply bursting with glee. This is an honor I'll carry inside me for a long time, and then I'll share it with the world. You may say I am full of crap, but winning this contest will really let me blow off some steam. I'll have to stop dumping on your blog now, Scott; you really moved me.

John Henson said...

Must have been eating Beefaroni.

Anonymous said...

This joke was used by the author Patrick Obrian in one of his Jack Aubrey novels. While driving a cart, an amorous midshipman made advances on his passenger, a young woman. These advances were squelched when the horse pulling their cart farted, and the same verbal exchange occurred. The midshipman sat in an embarrassed silence for the rest of their journey together.