Thursday, January 19, 2006

Number of NSA spooks in San Antonio increasing

In the wake of revelations that the agency spied on Americans, the National Security Agency announced it will boost its number of employees in San Antonio from 2,200 currently up to 5,200, dramatically expanding the local campus. The expansion, including an eight-figure construction project, is considered "one of the city's economic development gems." Via Victoria Kos.


Anonymous said...

Quoted from the article: It also likes to have access to reliable power and the latest fiber-optic technology. The nearby headquarters of the nation's largest telecommunications company, AT&T, makes San Antonio an attractive place for intelligence work.

The collusion between the nation's telecommunications industries and its' intel agencies is legendary and doesn't need fleshing out here. Suffice to say, with so much domestic phone and IT traffic passing through the area, the situation of NSA's 'campus' is hardly a matter of serendipity.

CouldBeTrue said...

This is interesting isn't it? South Texas Chisme had a post yesterday AM about this, too. South
Texas Chisme on NSA SA

Anonymous said...

If I were an agency sitting next to a a highly likely target like DC, I would find me another spot that could be safer. I would guess NSA studied everything, including telecomm, before making a move. In the end, it comes down to survivability and for most everyone that means water and power. For
NSA, it would also means massive cooling which leads back to power. Plus commo capability, which may not necessarily be terrestial. Location relative to direct satellite coverage may be more important and maybe San Antone is the best spot.