Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Traveling-day links

Today's a travel day for me and blogging may be light for a few days. So chew on these items for now and maybe I'll find some blogging time this week in between meetings while I'm in California.
  • Missing host. A conference of drug dog trainers in Nacogdoches was hampered by the dissolution of their host, the Deep East Texas Narcotics Task Force. "It's hard to get dope from a task force that ain't here," said a conference organizer.
  • An overlooked solution to jail overcrowding. The Nueces County jail has accidentally released six different inmates since the new year.
  • Common sense prevails. The Seventh Texas Court of Appeals said a pregnant mother ingesting drugs did not constitute delivery to the fetus under the statutes.
  • Eighteen years is a long damn time. Read the New York Times profile of Arthur Mumphrey, an innocent Texan who spent 18 years in a Texas prison for a rape DNA tests confirm he did not commit. Mumphrey's brother actually committed the crime; he lied at his brother's trial, recanting a previous confession. A co-defendant also wrongly testified against Mumphrey in exchange for a reduced sentence.
  • Entrepeneurial kiddie jail fails in Kerr County. The juvie facility now swimming in red ink was purchased through a non-profit run by the county, a model officials want to mimic down the road in San Angelo.
  • Deep penetration. You know protests against the federal immigration bill have penetrated middle America when you see them in Odessa and Lufkin.

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Anonymous said...

It seems the six released in Nueces county may not be accidental after all. The out going police chief is now running for Sheriff and wants to make those in that office look incompetent. Investigations are now under way.