Friday, May 26, 2006

Officer from disbanded Troup PD gave pot from evidence to informant

The first officer has pled guilty from the Troup Police Department in East Texas that was completely disbanded for drug corruption this spring. In the process, just a little more detail has come out during the prosecution of last year's Chamber of Commerce "Officer of the Year," Mark Turner. He apparently was seizing marijuana from suspects and using it himself or even sharing it with a confidential informant instead of logging it into evidence. He was convicted of tampering, a third degree felony, and also misdemeanor marijuna delivery. He will be sentenced in July.

The police chief was arrested with Turner in March, but hasn't yet been indicted. Wanna bet prosecutors will pressure Turner to testify against the chief in exchange for favorable sentencing? That whole snitching thing works both ways. The scandal utterly closed down 5-man department. The Smith County Sheriff's Office now provides policing services for tiny Troup.

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