Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What are you reading this summer?

Doc Berman notes that Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer and so solicits summer reading suggestions on sentencing topics. That's a little too geeky even for me, but I thought I'd share a couple of books on my summer reading list and ask readers - both the regulars and also folks who haven't commented before - what you're reading this summer. It doesn't have to be on criminal justice topics, though that's good, too. I need some suggestions to take on vacation for several weeks to Mexico in July. For now, though, here's what's on my plate:
I'm already into the second book and Parks' novel looks pretty short - like it might get me to the airport in Mexico City, but little farther. If I do any criminal justice reading, it might start with this book first suggested by a Grits commenter, which has been sitting on my shelf daring me to read it now for several months:
What are you reading? Or, what do you plan to read on vacation this summer?


Anonymous said...

I'm on page 50 of The Great Deluge by Douglas Brinkley. This is the book on Hurricane Katrina that's giving Ray Nagin fits.

Also Kingdom Coming by Michelle Goldberg about Christian fundamentalism ("the Christian Taliban") and its' plans for taking over America and American society/culture.

Love your blog, BTW -- it's a daily read.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thanks for reading, Gigi, and replying - The Great Deluge sounds like a good idea. Someone also suggested Michael Lerner's 'The Left Hand of God' on the topic of the religious right - I understand he's trying to develop countermessages for the left based on religious values, etc.

Now, anybody else? Give me some options, people! :-)