Saturday, July 15, 2006

Court TV looks at Texas' Hearne case

Court TV this morning ran a special edition of ACLU's Freedom Files on the drug war featuring the drug task force in Hearne that targeted black neighborhoods and arrested innocent people on the word of a lying informant. See a preview of the show and check out related links from the show's website. (It should be online soon on ACLU's website along with other episodes of the Freedom Files.)
  • Watch the full story of Hearne, Texas.
  • Find out about the drug war's impact on youth.
  • Read a report about the impact of drug policies on women and families.
  • Check out John Fugelsang's comedy about the issues.


Anonymous said...

Your compendium posting is chuck full of important, eye-opening information. The DEA’s crusade against medicinal marijuana is well documented and nauseating for someone like me, who would be dead by now without my daily medpot.

Ironically, I first started using medicinal marijuana to control the devastating effects of cancer chemotherapy. Projectile vomiting, hair falling out, loss of appetite, loss of libido, lack of energy—shall I go on? Not to mention the searing pain where the cancerous tumor was eating into my abdomen.

Antiemetic medications and painkillers lost their effectiveness after a while, and the latter group of chemical substances are highly addictive. By contrast, my daily dose of marijuana is gentle on my body and spirit and I am able to rise above the symptoms of my disease and the side effects of chemo.

To deprive a prominent Professor like Lyle C. Craker from growing his own pot for medical research, exposes the evil behind the DEA’s war on marijuana. They are afraid that his research will once again prove that pot is good medicine.

Many of us have known that for a long time. The U.S. government is loath to admit it, since Big Pharma would lose billions in profits from pushing chemical painkillers were medpot legalized federally. And Big Pharma contributes mucho dollars to the election chests of conservative politicians.

My tumor was cut out from my body, but the rot of cancer spread to other parts, which are not as easy to bombard with radiation and chemotherapy. So while the doctors debate where to cut next, I smoke my medpot and try to view my predicament from a spiritual perspective.

In order to ensure a steady supply of pure, reliable medication, I started growing pot plants in my back yard. My life partner is a good gardener, and she’s been an invaluable source of strength and knowledge. We use products made by Advanced Nutrients Medical to make sure that our marijuana buds are of the highest possible quality (no pun intended).

To make sure that our pot garden receives the best-balanced combination of macro and micro nutrients, we use Heavy Harvest, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This three-part fertilizer is time-release, so fewer applications are necessary. We also use Voodoo Juice to increase root mass and ensure good nutrient absorption.

In the Spring, we had a problem with spider mites, but Bug Away soon got rid of the little critters. Even though state law says that what we’re doing is completely legal, with my doctor’s total approval, it seems that the DEA has absolutely no respect for state law. I wish we had a spray to get rid of these federal buggers, if you know what I mean.

They just raided 13 medpot dispensaries in California. Where is Schwarzenegger when we need him? He was so quick to challenge the feds on the National Guard-border patrol issue, why doesn’t he challenge them on medpot?

To deny 200,000 students an education just because of a few drug busts is criminal. To penalize women with a drug history by taking away their children is worse then criminal. It’s diabolical, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...


WELL SAID!!! We have a chance to turn this around. Those who make a living off this cash cow and thrive on the power will fight tooth and nail to keep their jobs and power. REGARDLESS of how many lives they ruin or what the laws and the people say! How is it people from the 60's did all kinds of things " YET " went on to become every known profession, " EVEN PRESIDENTS"??? Now we are denying our young their future, solely because they made choices other would not??? I CALL BS!!! Thanks for standing up! There were MILLIONS of drug users who were not abusers THAT WERE NEVER a problem till we passed laws that made them a problem, FACT! It all started going down hill when people STOPPED MINDING THEIR OWN DAM* BUSINESS!!!
Keep up the good fight!

Rusty White