Thursday, July 06, 2006

Would you like Huevos Rancheros with your Grits?

On the off chance I might keep posting there, I should mention I've launched a personal blog unrelated to criminal justice topics called Huevos Rancheros that Grits readers may (or may not) be interested in reading. As I wrote in the inaugural post:
Huevos Rancheros continues with the breakfast-themed name, but with a broader focus. I'm not sure what will go on here - upcoming vacation photos from Mexico, perhaps, or thoughts on movies, plays, books, etc. - who knows? Most of the political stuff will still wind up on Grits, I imagine, and I feel under no obligation to update this site nearly so frequently. I'm creating this just for grins, because some days the things I want to write don't fit into any of the narrow categories in which the world seems to request my input.
The top post at the moment is a musing on vacation planning (God I need one). So read it, if you've a mind, or if you're just here at Grits for criminal justice news and politics, I won't blame anybody for not following HR. It's an odd combination, anyway, for the same palate to favor grits and huevos rancheros, I suppose a sign of the times.

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