Monday, May 14, 2007

House congratulates criminal justice reform advocates

I mentioned the Texas House today honored several folks who've assisted the Legislature to produce landmark criminal justice legislation during the 80th session, and I went up to the capitol support my friends. See the resolution honoring the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition's Ana YaƱez Correa and Marc Levin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, pictured here:

Others honored included ACLUTX chief Will Harrell who is about to become TYC's ombudsman, and Isela Gutierrez, described as "a principal advocate in exposing to the Texas Legislature the structural flaws of and abuses occurring within the Texas Youth Commission" (see that resolution). They also commemorated the work of the Texas Observer's Nate Blakeslee and the Dallas News' Doug Swanson, the reporters who first broke the story (see that resolution text). Last but not least, Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski who investigated the TYC scandal and his wife were onhand to be honored by the Lege with this concurrent resolution.

Congrats to all - the kudos for each were well earned.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much money Ms. Gutierrez will make upon her return to the wonder world of contracting beds to TYC?

Anonymous said...

Throw em both on a dorm and see how long they last!!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I don't know why you're taking a cheap shot at Isela Gutierrez, and you're flat out wrong to do so. She works for the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, which has no interest in contracting beds with anybody.

If you have a fact based criticism of her, make it, but she's my friend, a hard worker and a good person, and she doesn't deserve cheap shots.