Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lone Star Times: Delisi's needle exchange stance shows why GOP may lose majority

Reacting to news that House Public Health Chair Dianne Delisi won't let needle exchange legislation pending before her committee get a vote, bigjolly at the Lone Star Times, one of Texas' most trafficked conservative blogs, makes this bold prediction:
"The next time the Texas Legislature meets in regular session, Democrats will hold the majority. Thanks to politicians like Rep. Delisi (R)."
Man, alive - the natives are restless! Further evidence that needle exchange legislation separates small government conservatives from the Republican party's more authoritarian wing.


Anonymous said...

I live in her district and I will not support her (never voted for her anyway). I think Dianne is out of touch with the real world. She heavily supports Governor Perry and that tells you a great deal about her. Her daughter-in-law even works for Perry. Oh I forgot Perry got an over whelming mandate from the voters; 39% wanted him as our governor. We need a run off election if the governor's race doesn't get a 51% majority. Throw the bums out! Maybe Temple can trade Waco for their State Rep. I would much rather have Jim Dunnam in my corner. The fact he is a Democrat has everything to do with it plus he seems like a level headed guy. I have talked to him on a couple occasions and he doesn't seem too full of himself. Hey he actually came to TYC to talk to staff members unlike the other brand of politicos.

Anthony Mikulastik
Yellow Dog Democrat

Anonymous said...

He is right that the next time the Texas Legislature meets in regular session, the Democrats will be in the majority, but the reason will have more to do with the failure of the Bush administration and the resulting tidal wave of Democratic victory, which should be enough to flip 6-8 seats in the Legislature in 2008. The pick-up of Democratic seats in the Legislature in 2006 also had at least as much to do with the national political trend last year than with local politics.

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