Friday, March 06, 2009

Tracking good criminal justice legislation

Via email, the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition highlights:
Seven bills ... scheduled for public hearings next week that, if enacted, will have a positive impact on Texas' criminal justice system. Here is a brief summary ...

House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence

: House - Criminal Jurisprudence
Subcommittee: Criminal Procedure
Date: Monday, March 9, 2009
Time: 8:00 AM
Room: Reagan Building (JHR) 110 (105 W. 15th Street)
Chair: Rep. Joseph Moody

HB 292 by Dutton, Relating to restoration of certain rights to a criminal defendant.

HB 293 by Dutton, Relating to automatic expunction of criminal records.

TCJC Testimony

HB 498 by McClendon, Relating to the creation of a commission to investigate and prevent wrongful convictions.

TCJC Testimony

HB 579 by Gutierrez, Relating to certain costs on conviction in certain intoxication and drug cases.

TCJC Testimony

HB 666 by Gutierrez, Relating to certain court costs used to fund drug court programs.

TCJC Testimony

Read Full Agenda

House Committee on Licensing & Administrative Procedures

Committee: Licensing & Administrative Procedures
Time: 8:00 AM
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Room: E2.016
Chair: Representative Edmund Kuempel

HB 70 by Guillen, Relating to the issuance of an occupational license to certain applicants with criminal convictions.

TCJC Testimony

HB 963 by Guillen, Relating to a criminal history evaluation letter determining occupational license eligibility.

I'd add that there are some good bills up on the House Public Safety Committee agenda Monday afternoon as well, not the least of which is HB 917 by Dutton described here that would require written or recorded consent for searches by police at traffic stops.

Thanks to TCJC for helping keep track of all the moving parts.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget HB 945 by Rep. Harold Dutton-which allows for expunction rights for those who successfully complete their court ordered supervised period. This is similar to his HB 293, although, this bill applies to offenses that occurred before Sept. 2009. Also, another great bill is from Rep. Jessica Farrar, HB 2213-which is regarding the same topic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but until they drop the exclusion list, these are bad bills. Also, strange how they will back date punitive laws to include people that haven't done anything in 30 years, but those laws that will help someone, they will not back date. me thinks someone has gotten caught in the State Capitol Men's Room tapping their foot..

Anonymous said...

I have read HB 2213 by Rep. Jessica Farrar and this by far is the bill that needs to be passed.

It appears Rep. Farrar actually realizes what is going on and her sympathy with those who have Deferred Adjudications on their records from years ago, deserve to have these "non-convictions" removed from their records as well as someone who has completed successfully a parole sentence.

Texas has a reputation of not being fair to anyone who has made a mistake and that attitude simply must change.

I would like to also add, if a person has completed parole with success, that record should also be expunged. Life is hard enough today with so many losing their jobs and jobs being eliminated, it is high time Texas did something right to make life easier for a person who did or did not make a mistake in his/her life and paid the price, that person is entitled to live a normal life and provide and support his/her family.

Thank you so very much Rep Jessica Farrar!! said...

HOUSE BILL 2213 By Rep. Jessica Farrar.
The passing of this Bill would bring tears to this old mans eyes. I have lived with the curse of successful completion of deferred adjudication for almost 25 years.
It may be too late to help me in the job market, but I'd sure appreciate going to my grave with a justly clean slate.
If they want to list ALL the convicted individuals, then fine. In addition lets make ALL CONVICTED felons post big signs in their front yards, broadcasting their crime(s) for all to see (from shoplifting to DUI to Rape). Wonder how many houses wouldn't have a sign.

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