Saturday, March 14, 2009

US Attorney rumors - Texas Southern District

Mary Flood at the Houston Chronicle's Legal Trade blog offers up a list of rumored candidates for the US Attorney for Texas' Southern District based in Houston.

Those on the rumored short list are:

* ex-prosecutor Eric Reed, who is from South Texas and may have the three Congressmen from the southern section of the district on his side

* ex-prosecutor and ex-state judge John Kyles, who is of counsel at Vinson & Elkins

* ex-prosecutor Susan Strawn, who ran for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals as a Democrat

A fourth may have been tacked on, and that would be:

* Galveston County District Judge Susan Criss, who ran for Texas Supreme Court as a Democrat

See prior speculation about Texas US Attorney candidates on Grits here and here. The Washington Post this week had a piece on the selection process for US Attorneys, and TChris at Talk Left follows up by pointing to Jeralyn Merritt's 2007 discussion of how US Attorneys get appointed.


Rage Judicata said...

I remember our first (and only) pissing match after I criticized Criss for her SCT candidacy. First of all, she knows little of civil law so she should have run for CCA instead. I think she's like a Chrysler in the 70's: unsafe in any office.
I don't have any personal experience with the other candidates, but I have tried four civil and one criminal case in her court and find her to be without marbles. Her refusal to recuse herself in cases where her father did work for the plaintiffs' attorneys also left me with a poor opinion of her ethics.

Anonymous said...

Susan Criss would be EXCELLENT. I've seen her in action and spoken to her. A true TEXAN & PATRIOT. The neo-confederates would not like her. She WILL enforce the law IMPARTIALLY. She will hold public servants accountable to the law. Exactly what we need to save our State from impending disaster & doom.

Anonymous said...

What about the real power candidate Phil Hilder? He is the only one that makes any sense. If not he they why not a real dark horse like Strawn who has not connections, no adgenda and no job.....