Thursday, September 10, 2009

CLEAT will sue to delay Grayson Jail vote

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) will sue to halt thevote in November on expanding the Grayson County Jail because the announcement for the commissioners court meeting where the date was set was posted one minute late, reports the Sherman Herald-Democrat. If they're successful in delaying the election, the county cannot set another vote until next May.

UPDATE: County Judge Drue Bynum says there will be no jail bond election in November because of the posting screwup. MORE: From KTEN-TV: "What's next for Grayson County Jail?" AND MORE: From the Sherman-Herald-Democrat. "Grayson County jail saga takes unexpected turn."


Soronel Haetir said...

At a guess this will fail, they will simply claim that 1 minute is within the margin of error for clock drift.

Anonymous said...

About 60 people attended a candlelight vigil Sunday night, and many spoke about alleged abuse that they said has been on-going for several years inside the Taylor County Jail.

The event was organized by Lance Voorhees, a chaplain with Taylor County Detention Ministries. Voorhees says he has been banned since January from seeing prisoners at the jail. Voorhees’ complaints about inmate treatment date back several years.

During the vigil, Voorhees made allegations of wrongdoing and possible civil rights violations.

“I am not one to throw around allegations,” Voorhees said Sunday. “At first I could not believe this.”

Voorhees said he has provided accounts of wrongdoing to Sheriff Les Bruce and to former Sheriff Jack Dieken but has received no response.

Bruce did not comment on the allegations of abuse.

“I am aware of the gathering outside the Taylor County Adult Detention Center, and I am continuing to maintain the security of the facility and of the public who are entering and exiting the complex,” Bruce said.

Voorhees is calling for the formation of a citizen review board to address the concerns of jail inmates and their families. Those who attended the vigil were asked to sign a petition requesting the creation of a citizen review board.

Voorhees said he has requested opportunity to bring his concerns before the Abilene City Council and Taylor County commissioners.

“They denied my request,” Voorhees said. “I feel like nobody wants to hear about this.”

County Judge George Newman said he was aware of Voorhees’ request but was uncertain of the outcome.

“Commissioners have not seen anything in writing with regard to his complaints,” Newman said.

City Councilman Shane Price attended the vigil to hear residents’ concerns.

“This is not a courtroom, and the people that they are speaking against are not here to defend themselves,” Price said. “I am just here to listen to the concerns.”