Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recommended Blog Reading

A few must-read blog offerings from other writers:

Defending People: Harris County Jail Hell. When inmates and the Justice Department agree, Mark Bennett takes their word over Harris County's.

Drug War Rant: Pete Guither revisits the Supreme Court's Caballes case. So should you, and ultimately so should SCOTUS, although, because Justice David Souter authored the dissent and his replacement Judge Sotomayor appears to favor a more "practical," pro-prosecution approach to the Fourth Amendment, my fear is that her addition to the high court will only solidify the unhappy trends he describes, not reverse it.

Califoria Meltdown Coverage: Soon after Doug Berman wondered when and how SCOTUS would react to California's appeal of federal prison litigation, SCOTUS pronounced that the state must produce a plan for releasing 40,000 prisoners, noting the court would have an opportunity for additional review before any prisoners were released. Berman also offered this update on California prison craziness. Check the blogs California Correctional Crisis and Governing Through Crime for ongoing analysis of the Golden State prison meltdown.


doran said...

Grits, this YouTube video, and some others associated with it at YouTube, presents an excellent example of a search made after a dog alerted on a vehicle which the subsequent search [following a totally brutal and uncalled for beating of the driver by Border Patrol] showed to be free of drugs. Despite this guy's attitude and subsequent Obama Hate Mongering, I hope he gets satisfaction against the Border Patrol for what they did.

Anonymous said...

Other Recommended Reading:

On 10 May 2009 you had a post entitled "Allen Stanford: DEA Snitch?.

The answer to that question wasn't clear in your post but there have been developments that do provide a little more interest.

On 11 September 2009, Stanford's Chief of Security, Tom Raffanello turned himself in amid federal charges that he ordered the shredding of important records. Raffanello is charged with various federal charges including Obstruction of Justice. See the Miami Herald article entitled "Indicted Ex DEA boss turns himself in".

Raffanello was once the SAC of the DEA office in Miami and he was there while Stanford would be snitching. Do you think there's anything wrong with the former DEA SAC getting a job from a former or current DEA Snitch?

This is off point from the other posts but it's relevant and recommended in light of your earlier post.

Ask yourself. How did Raffanello know when and what to shred? This DEA shitbag embodies why that agency needs a complete enima