Sunday, November 29, 2009

Statesman plugs "D.A. Confidential"

The Austin Statesman published a feature today on a new blog by a Travis County prosecutor, D.A. Confidential. According to courts reporter Steven Kreytak:

Mark Pryor said that friends, neighbors and fellow lawyers regularly ask him about his job as a felony prosecutor in Travis County.

And the former newspaper reporter, who hopes to soon be a published novelist, loves to write.

So Pryor began a blog last month called D.A. Confidential, which he hopes will give readers insight into the local criminal justice system and will be a fun place to read his take on stupid criminals, novel crimes, crime novels and related things.

"My original plan was to blog about the secrets that haunt the halls of the D.A.'s office ... but never leak from the airtight offices," Pryor wrote in his first post on Oct. 10. "But then I remembered how much I love my job."

Lawyers have blogged about their work for years. Among them are Jamie Spencer with his Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer blog and Keith Lauerman with Criminal Defense in Travis & Williamson County, Texas: Facts, Fictions, & Fairytales. But there are few blogs run by prosecutors and no prominent ones locally focusing primarily on criminal justice.

Be sure to read the rest of the story and check out DA Confidential. BTW, my apologies, Mark for not getting around to plugging your blog sooner. Keep it up; we don't have enough workaday prosecutors in the blogosphere.


D.A. Confidential said...

Thanks, I appreciate the mention. Some are already a little skeptical about my reasons but sometimes things are as they appear - I really do think the public should know more about what we do and how we do it. I'll leave you and others to handle the controversial issues in criminal law, all I hope to do is open the window a little and let people look at the machinery.

Paul Walcutt said...

I don't personally know Mark but I've watched him argue in court and read the blog. He's definitely a straight shooter. (Or he's at least crafted that persona and sold it effectively. ;) Just kidding, Mark.)