Friday, January 22, 2010

El Paso judge caught on tape accepting bribe

The evidence coming out in this El Paso corruption trial sounds pretty damning. The El Paso Times reported yesterday that:
Jurors today watched a videotape of an FBI informant paying money to state judge Manuel Barraza in return for favorable treatment in her sister's drug case.

The exchange occurred in Barraza's courthouse office while he was the presiding judge of a drug court.

The tape was one of five played in U.S. District Court during Barraza's corruption trial.

Jurors heard a total of five taped conversations between Barraza and Sarai Valencia, sister of criminal defendant Diana Rivas Valencia. Sarai Valencia and Barraza talked about his getting paid in money and sex for helping Rivas Valencia, who was arrested in September 2008 and charged with possessing 2 kilos of cocaine.

Jurors also watched a videotape of a meeting between Barraza and Sarai Valencia inside Barraza's office. She made the recordings at the behest of the FBI.

Given the evidence against him, one wonders how in the world did this guy not choose to plea out?


Anonymous said...

Because like most politicos, they don't believe that they did anything wrong or that they'll be able to bribe their way out of it.

Old Salty said...

Because, like most judges, he is arrogant, only in this case his arrogance has expanded to hubris. Look at Keller, look at the former Ombudsman from TYC.

yvette99 said...

I agree with the comments made....The justice system is so corrupt, there is no truth or justice its always been about the money......
If you have the money your walking .....No money no bail just jail.....
So this judge probably believes he's got the its no jail.....just bail.....and maybe he can bribe the presiding judge and keep walking.

Anonymous said...

There just seems to be this culture of low standards and no accountability, in Texas (not that this doesn't exist elsewhere), in which this type of arrogant behavior can exist. There's an imbalance of power and it's very dismaying.

Anonymous said...

Can we look at this case in a different manner? No one that commented so far was sitting in the courtroom and actually heard the tape, right? Although I agree with Scott, that the press' account sounds pretty damn awful, why should this limited part of the case make us believe a plea should have been accepted. Consider for a moment the burden on the jury in this case: they are required to remain impartial while they listen to this in the courtroom and are required to wait till all the evidence has been presented before making their minds up. If we're persuaded by the limited coverage of the trial in the press, how can we expect the jurors in this case to follow the law? And if we cannot, and more importantly, they cannot, then a fair trial is not available to the accused in this case.

In the federal system, one is penalized for taking the case to trial, for testifying in one's defense, and if there were any co-defendants, in not snitching on them. Of course, this occurs if the accused loses. And if s/he does, the judge, no jury, decides the punishment. Moreover, the judge follows guidelines that the USSCT said a couple of years ago were only "advisory," but almost every downward deviation challenged to date has been tossed out on appeal. The punishment for going to trial in the federal court system is a higher guideline sentence; the same for testifying in your own defense; the same for not snitching on co-defendants.

I'm amazed that our country permits such retribution for exercising one's constitutional rights to a jury trial, to present a defense, and to remain silent or not.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go trial when the government marshalls its resources against an accused. Importantly, but especially, the guilty are entitled to a fair trial too.

I know the evidence we've been told about appears damning, but let's allow the jury to decide whether he's guilty or not. It's their charge, no matter how difficult it might be. Maybe there's more to the case than what we're being told by the El Paso Times, a paper notorious for looking for criminal cases from other jursidictions to write about when it cannot find enough in its own backyard.

yvette99 said...

I think in most cases there is more to them than we see reported. A report is just a reporters view, this is just one more aspect where American justice can become unfair!
Too many cases get won and lost in the media. I am all for free speech but sometimes I think the reporting should be limited until after the case has been heard.
There seems now to be so many sides to a case, the defenses version, the prosecutors version, the reporters version and of course the truth which rarely gets told in the courts.
Justice really is just another commodity in Texas, if you can afford it you can buy it, the more money you have the more justice you will get!
The severest punishments are saved for those with no money! These cases are not necessarily the worse cases deserving such severe punishments, no its severity is the only thing dished out for free and the system wants to show its tough on crime. But in reality its only tough on those who cannot afford justice
Sadly there is no truth or fairness, justice and consequences are dictated by your finances!
The more money you have the more justice you will receive, no money....... severe punishments!

GOOD DAD said...

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GOOD DAD said...

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diogenes said...

GOOD DAD, do you have something to add to the topic at hand, or are you our latest troll?

Regarding judges taking bribes: the first person who has an idea for a truly just system will be a hero... if they don't get squashed by all the corrupt people in power first.

It's easy to blame the media for skewing trials, but we have to remember that many times they are being played by one attorney or the other. Seems to me if we can find out what is wrong in law school that causes so many attorneys to have these ethics problems, we could put a good chunk of the justice problems to rest.

Anonymous said...

Proof beyond reasonable doubt, trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty, etc. These sterilized terms are all part of a judicial system that operates outside of a real world. Just look at OJ. Yes a jury found him "not guilty," but he still paid a heavy personal and professional price.

Anonymous said...

He didn't plea out because he knows well that those who take a plea get harder, stronger, longer sentences. Or, as in the case of my husband who attempted a crime, but couldn't, didnt' actually, and there was no DNA evidence, the original case was dumped; but charges re-filed with the term "aggravaged" added although there was no weapon involved and on the advice of his attny he toook the plea for what he thought was going to be adjudicated probation not knowing he'd been sold out got a 30 year sentence for a crime he didn't committ because he didn't know any better. Lesson learned too late. THIS JUDGE DOES! He's part of the corrupt systems that hoodwinks and deals. He knows better than to take a plea.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust judges.