Thursday, January 07, 2010

Public Defender Revolution

A pal from my days at The Daily Texan, Carol Huneke, who is now a public defender in Washington state, emailed today to let me know she recently launched a blog titled "Public Defender Revolution," which "advocates for the rights of public defenders and our clients." So far, the blog covers some of the same terrain you'll find on Grits except without the Texas focus and with a much better sense of humor.

The policy stuff is great, but what'll bring you back are posts like Carol's subtle improvements to a "Formal Apology" form used in her office and her opening post on the blog, "The Power of 'Yep'," in which she describes a dressing down by a judge during a video hearing at the jail known as "the stinky docket," and the priceless reaction in solidarity by her fellow PDs.

Carol's co-blogger in the venture also operates the blog, "Federal Criminal Defense Investigator." Stop by to say "Howdy" and "Welcome to the blogosphere!"