Thursday, March 25, 2010

Private jail contractor dumps Johnson County: Promised immigration beds never materialized

As the Webb County Sheriff pushes construction of a massive new jail for the purpose of housing federal immigration prisoners, their commissioners court should look to Johnson County to understand how that might not pan out like they hope. According to a story in the Cleburne Times-Review ("CEC bailing out," March 24):

Johnson County Law Enforcement Center should have a new private subcontractor no later than Sept. 15 after the recent decision of Community Education Centers to end its agreement with the county to run the jail.

CEC signed a three-year contract with the county in September 2008.

CEC used an escape clause, County Judge Roger Harmon said Tuesday, extending the county six months notice of contract termination.

CEC warden James Duke could not be reached for comment, but CEC officials told Johnson County commissioners that the corporation was losing money in its operation of the jail.

Johnson County entered the contract with CEC on the assumption that a near-endless wave of immigration detainees would fill up as many jail beds as they could build. As it turned out, that wasn't the case:

CEC expected to make the bulk of its money by filling unoccupied beds with immigration detainees.

“The average population is 450 to 500,” Duke said last year. “There are empty beds. That’s attractive to us. We take those empty beds and help the county get contracts with other entities such as Immigration Customs Enforcement. Corrections 2 [block] has 176 beds. We put ICE detainees in those beds. ICE pays Johnson County, and the county reimburses us.

“The county makes $5 off every detainee. The county makes money, and we make money.”

That wasn’t the way it worked out, Harmon said. ...

“When CEC contracted with us, we were running about 600 inmates per day,” Harmon said. “Nobody knows why, but the numbers recently have been running around 400 per day. Incarceration numbers are down statewide and nationwide, from what I understand. You wouldn’t think it would be that way with high unemployment, but it is.”

As of March 1, according to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, Johnson County had just 338 inmates in the jail, so the supposed profitmaker has now become a money suck. By contrast, Cameron County entered into a similar scheme and encountered the opposite problem: Their jail has so many federal prisoners they now must send pretrial detainees three hours away to be housed by other counties at higher costs. So Texas counties have been burned by these deals coming and going. It's never as simple or cheap as it sounds up front when it's pitched. Never.

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The Local Crank said...

Eh, sigh. And so Johnson County officially becomes the LAST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE to discover that attempting to run an essential government operation at a profit DOESN'T WORK.

Anonymous said...

"Their jail has so many federal prisoners they now must send pretrial detainees three hours away to be housed by other counties at higher costs."

TCJS does not list Cameron County as a county with inmates housed elsewhere March 2010

Clifton Tinder said...

3-26-10 All of Johnson County county needs to be investigated, not just it's jail, for more than this. My name is Clifton Dee Tinder. On September 20, 2008, I was arrested. The officer used the taser, the asp and the mace. My left should was intentionally dislocated. I received 14 staples in my scalp from his use of the asp. The only medical attention after my arrest was Ibuprofen 800 mg and have the staples removed by a staff nurse as I held my head to the bars. I was in jail for 3 days with no blanket or mattress and 5 days before being allowed to shower. There was no medical follow-up since I have been here. The medical requests I send do not all get answered. Both of my shoulders were injured. There is still a major bump on my head. I have had the flu in here as well. It takes 9 days to be seen or get help through the medical apppointment. I have complained of pneumonia symptoms and have been given a decongestant. I also have Lyme Disease and have no treatment for this. If fact, the medical records my wife sent in to this jail and the natural medications are not allowed. This is a serious illness that is completely being ignored. While I have been here in jail, I have also filed grievances and contacted jail standards. Some changes were actually made. Yet my specific complaints are ignored. We have ample documentation of these violations and their efforts. Since I have been in jail nor for 7 months and can list several violations and medical neglect, does your interest peak? Do I have a case you are interested in, especially in Johnson County? If so, please contact my wife. Sincerely, Clif Tinder

I was charged with having a false Id, enhanced, I took a 5 yr plea. My other choice was a guaranteed 2-20 years!

Right now today, you can call the Johnson County jail and a man named Wade Holman is there. His crime - self defense. He had just had his gall bladded removed, staples still in his stomache, when a man knocked on the door where he was staying, when Wade opened the door, the man pushed him back against the wall and began to hit him. Wade pulled a pocketknife from his pocket and put it between his stomache and the man. The man was scratched, no puncture, no stitches, but Wade was arrested, even though there were 2 eye witnesses to what happened. This incident occurred more than a year ago. Wade is still in Johnson County jail, refusing to take a plea bargain. His trial keeps getting put off. They refuse to release him, again they have enhanced his charges. A few months back, while asleep in Johnson County jail, Wade was beaten by another inmate so bad, he was in intensive care for several weeks. Ask him what kind of medical treatment he received after being tranported back to Johnson County jail?

This is Johnson County. When does the federal government step in and do something about what goes on in this county? How many more people will get sent back to prison because of being forced to take plea bargains in order to put another knotch on the proverbial belt of the District Attorney, Dale Hannah. There is no justice in Johnson County. There is no medical attention in Johnson County jail. Legal rights are violated every day in Johson County. There's alot more going on in the Johnson County jail than "beds never materializing".

As a parolee, my charges were enhanced and I was sent back to TDCJ, where I am currently. Do you turn your back now that you know that or are you enraged by just these 2 examples of what goes on in Johnson County. If so, contact your senator, your congressman, anyone you know who will listen and has a responsibility to help those who are captive to this kind of behavior. That's the only way it will stop!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

7:27, see the recent press report, "Nearly 100 Cameron County inmates going to Robstown," Brownsville Herald, Nov. 20, 2009.

FWIW, I've noticed some other discrepancies recently in data reported to TCJS, which makes me think they don't have the staff to doublecheck the data they're given.

Anonymous said...

CEC is in big trouble, I think. Its food contractor, Aramark, sued them for over $7 million in unpaid bills in Pennsylvania.

Their expansion in connection with Corplan and Municipal Capitol Markets is going sour in different states.

Clifton Tinder said...

Another thing I meant to say is that I filed many grievances with CEC jail standards about Johnson County. They're probably all in trouble. Should be!

Anonymous said...

"CEC is in big trouble, I think. Its food contractor, Aramark, sued them for over $7 million in unpaid bills in Pennsylvania."


Check this link ouy on ARAMARK...

Anonymous said...

I want to comfirm everything that Clif said about Wade Holman and Himself. Clif was a productive person helping and hiring lots of people in Cleburne at the time he was sent to jail. My brother was forced into one plea bargain and now has been sitting in jail for over a year waiting for trial so wittness's can clear him, he has passed a polygraph test already and they have not given him medical care he needs. They will not back down once they make a mistake period. My brother took care of my Mother for years, she was bedridden and never had a single bed sore, unheard of, it was because he and his wife Teresa turned her every two hours day and night. He lost his Wife to cancer and six months lster he lost our Mother at over 90 yrs. old. His pay back was to lose everything, his home, his new truck, his job and all his belongings due to this Johnson County false charges over and over. These are only two of many, many cases that people were jailed and forced after months and months of waiting for a trial to take a false plea bargain to get out. The conditions are horrible inside. My brother was beaten almost to death a few months ago. He is in a private cell now and that is a step in the right direction, we have requested he be released to us in North Carolina and the result was they revolked his probation while he was not released from the gall bladder surgery he had to undergo, he had stiches in him and was ill and could not do his community service at the time and that was used against him. We have tried very hard to get him moved here, so he can have a life and they will not even listen to us. This double warrent serving after posting bail would not happen in North Carolina I can tell you that. I am shocked at how a man who lived a clean life for 30yrs can be railroaded into loosing everything he worked hard for. We tried to get the Terxas Rangers to investagate and we had hoped the FBI would do something, nothing seems toget done in Johnson County why is that?? Hope someone reading this can help???

Anonymous said...

Concerning Clif's illness of Limes disease, he is not getting treatment for, I would like to say this is a life threating disease if not treated, it can damage the Heart, liver and other organs in the body, not treating it is the same as giving this man a death sentence. We live in a civilized world don't we? Do we give a death sentence to someone by not treating them medically? I have never been more ashamed of my native State than I am now. We are not barbarians, we are Americans and we do not treat people like animals. Well not unless they are in certain places in our beloved State??? This is a very serious disease.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line were IN JAIL! It is beyond ridiculous how many compaints there are about how people are treated in jail/prison! That is OUR tax money going to house, clothe, feed and give medical to all of you and all you do is complain, OH POOR YOU! Stay out of jail and you can get any medical attention you want!

Former Corrections Officer said...

I am a former Corrections Officer for Johnson County and also worked for CEC when the they took management of the jail over, I now work for the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice. I wanted to tell "Cliff" that I booked you in when you came in and you were a cry baby when you got there and you were not that badly treated. Also you did not report your medical condition of Lyme dies. untill weeks after you were seen by medical the first time. Also it is not wise of your wife to be writing the comment as if she is you because it makes it sound like you have access to a computer in jail and we all know that that is not allowed. One last thing, when you complain about the jail it is under CEC management not Johnson COunty, and CEC is a crapy company that does not care about its officers either so dont complain about "Johnson County" when it is "CEC" that is not in complaince with jail standards.

Clifton Tinder said...

Clif Tinder did not write this blog. He has no access to a computer for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

I remembered this morning that while Clif was in the Johnson County jail that one of its officers and 2 other guards came into Clif's cell and woke him up in the middle of the night. There was no doubt that it was the intention of those 3 guards to physically harm Clif. Beatings happen often in the Johnson County jail, just ask Wade Holman. Guards either look the other way or participate. Are you the officer that entered Clif's room that night with the intention of harming him that night? Is this post your warning now that Clif is in danger, since you let it be known that you now work for TDCJ? If anything happens to Clif, you will be one of the first persons authorities will question. You better hope nothing happens to Clif or me, while he's the guest of TDCJ. I have already sent your post to the sister of agents who work for the FBI and Texas Rangers. When the complaint was made about Johnson County, it was because of people just like you, who are not interested in justice, just the power they have over other individuals lives. There are individuals in prison that are not criminals; there are individuals who are criminals that should be in prison.

To everyone out there reading this exchange: this is the mentality of many guards. They threaten and abuse those who have no power to protect themselves because of their circumstances. They see it as you "weren't hurt that bad". They use subtle threats and seek to harm when noone's looking. I hope you're all "looking". How would you like one of these to guard your loves ones?

Does anyone wonder why this individual is no longer working at Johnson County jail, why he feels CEC doesn't care "about their employees either" and why he is now working for TDCJ? And why is he so interested in Clif Tinder, why has he made it his business to know so much about him. Notice the subtle threat to Clif and his "wife" for blogging on Clif's behalf.

I would hope that those who see the subtle insinuations and threats in this blog will send a message to this individual that they are "looking", not the other way, but straight at him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FedUp -
As of right now I agree with needing to do something about Johnson County Jail. It has nothing to do with CEC or the jail, it all has to do with who is running the jail and who the gaurds and employees are. If you do not get paid enough money to work in the jail then get out, becuase too many gaurds and employees get fed up with less pay and more hours then they take it out on the inmates. I know for a fact! Today I am trying to help a friend whose father is locked up, he is a MHMR patient awaiting a bed, he is suicidal and shot himself. His colostomy bag busted yesterday and they give him a tylenol.Our tax money pays - so I say get him to the hospital and stop worrying about the county throwing a fit! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Innocent until proven guilty - NOT ANYMORE - you are guilty period. Some of the gaurds are more afraid to tell on the ones who are causing the problem. Bob Alford made a statement that he runs the jail and will not tolerate inhumane treatment "Bob Alford is truly our "Sheriff Who Cares" as exhibited by his dedication to county boards and committees which are committed to improving our quality of life and improve law enforcement activities and services". This is from Johnson County web site. Well BOB, what do you call this?????? Nothing in this says "your" jail cares about anyone. INNOCENT OR GUILTY.

Anonymous said...

Thank both of you for your responses to an ongoing problem. How about the rest of you out there who know the truth about what goes on in Johnson County? This is your opportunity to bring it out in the open. When i was visiting at the jail, I heard 20,30,50 perhaps more, i didn't count, but the number was staggering of these very same injustices being committed against those incarcerated, with people being forced to take plea bargains just to get out, as well as not receiving medical attention as needed. Justice is not being served, our loved ones are not being treated medically or humanely. What are YOU going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Thank both of you for your responses to an ongoing problem. How about the rest of you out there who know the truth about what goes on in Johnson County? This is your opportunity to bring it out in the open. When i was visiting at the jail, I heard 20,30,50 perhaps more, i didn't count, but the number was staggering of these very same injustices being committed against those incarcerated, with people being forced to take plea bargains just to get out, as well as not receiving medical attention as needed. Justice is not being served, our loved ones are not being treated medically or humanely. What are YOU going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous whose friend's father shot himself: They will let him die in there unless help from outside is received. They are not equipped to deal with serious situations nor do they care to deal with them.

Staff is one of the greates problems to be concerned about for this gentlemen. It is very active inside Johnson County jail. I know someone who works for the jail who got staff. HE said it's common in there. While the guards get the medical attention they need to treat staff, the inmated do not. This is just ONE problem. As seen from these other blogs, the problems are numerous. My suggestion: Print this blog, all of it, make copies of it and give it out to everyone in Johnson County jail, and anyone else you know, and have them post to this website just as you have done. Bring attention to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

News media - best way to go. Even though half of what the news says is reworded at least it will be out there

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions, contacts, you can share?

Anonymous said...

greivance reports, inside contact, dates and times. This is what we are working on now. So hopefully if somone can mention more information - then we can compile what we have. It is a long shot but it just might work. I can tell you this. All this inormation will not be going to Johnson County. Higher up the food chain.

Anonymous said...

I know this will put you out there but there's more than just one case involved. Will you submit an email address that we can all send you information on and submit it right her on this blog for the benefit of anyone who wants to send you information that will help them individually.

I do believe you will be lit up with cases.

Anonymous said...

I have scanned in information such as grievances, letters, etc. that can be sent to an email address but cannot be put on this site.

We need an email address that these things can be sent to.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4-16-10 2:56 p.m

Here's more - follow the link

princess101 said...

Call Becky Oliver or any serious News Journalist to help in this serious matter so the public can know what is really going on behind those closed bars. I have had it with Johnson Co my damn self. I have never spoken with so many people with a lack of intelligence in my life. I have lots of documented proof as well in this matter. They really do run things so F****d up its almost unbelieveable. But I got who's ever back is down to take them DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Princess 101....Anonymous 4-16-10 2:56 p.m. Keep watching this blog.

Are you stil with us? You said you wanted proof. This is 4 now. More will come forward...

We need someone who is in that "higher up the ladder" asap to step forward and coordinate the gathering of this information.

Are you watching? Grits fo Breakfast, are you watching?

Anonymous said...

Here's an email for private use...Anonymous 4-16-10 2:56 p.m. Also anonymous whose friend's father shot himself, and Princess 101

first blog what's happening to you or your loved one here so Anonymous 2:56p.m. knows your story, they're gathering information according to this blog.....and use the email for for additional support and to talk about what proof you have

2:56 said...

From: 2:56
sorry to keep you waiting, if you can hold off just two weeks, I can post an e-mail adress for all to go to. I have to tread very carefully due to someone on the inside could have reprocutions. My reason in saying this is if I post to here who is to say that the so-called ex cop from Johnson county will not run to Big Brother and then my (friend will be in a lot of trouble, already happened once) continue to post as much as you can so that I can get an idea of all the informatio and start gathering.

2:56 said...

Also, I may sound as though I am not making sense but, I tried this on another blog at one point - the person that kept telling me to send an e-mail address was in fact a cop. I have to be careful in how I am goin about this. But please bare with me, I can assure you this process takes a little time. One county is already under investigation. I am setting up a way for information to not be contaminated. I have learned the hard way on how to play the "legal system" game.

Anonymous said...

2:56 You have me gratitude and my patience. is my email I set up just for privacy.

If everyone in Johnson County that would like their story told would send your emails and documentation to the above email, I will take responsibility for directly with getting your information to 2:56.

Come on Johnson County victims, don't hold back. YOU GOT A FRIEND!

2:56 said...

That will be great, I know it is a lot of work and time, but in the end we need to stop inhumane conditions and treatments in the county facilities. The more I dug into all of this the more I realized that it is going to take a lot of voices to be heard, it can be done. thanks for the use of the e-mail - I have 5 other accounts going so it takes a bit to set up. It is not only for my protection of freedom of speech but everyone else who responds -Thanks

2:56 said...

This is to the former CO of Johnson County,
Like I said before, you have judged before you knew what the case was. Do not give me a line about it being CEC, you have control over your own actions. You have control over who you can help and who you can harm. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY RESPRESENTING JOHNSON COUNTY - IT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE PEOPLE INSIDE OF THAT COMPANY. CEC DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HALF OF WHAT YOUR BUDDIES ARE DOING. So why did you get out of JCSO and into TDC?

Anonymous said...

The C/O that posted a comment had made NO THREAT...that is so ridiculous! If the FBI or Texas Ranger is going to look at that post, they will laugh! That is in no way threatening and more than likely just stating facts!!!! This person never even stated anything that he had done...GOD forbid he change jobs! Get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4:15 Six people who know from personal experience what was being talked about responded. And then you!

Former Johnson County Officer said...

This is the former jcso C/o... For one I am not a him, I am a her. And like the post above states I made no threats, just stated facts. SO call who you need to call because I did or said nothing wrong. And I am not even working on the same unit as Cliff... One last thing, no one ever said you cant change jobs... Like the last blogger said get a life. My goodness..

Anonymous said...

You say he "cried like a baby". I listened to the patrol car video from Clif's arrest. It made me sick to my stomache. He was calmly, rationally talking to the JCSO who was beating him down. I could hear the many, many blows Clif was taking and listening to every word spoken between them. While that officer was totally out of control, Clif was anything but! Clif wasn't "crying like a baby" when he was being beaten and I don't believe for a minute he was "crying like a baby" when you booked him in. Clif is certainly more of a man than that officer, and definitely, more so than you. You're just another person who worked in the jail and who changed jobs when CEC didn't "take care of you" like you thought they should. Heaven forbid that you should have done your job while you were there and reported those who violated Clif's rights while in lockup, after he was beaten and thrown in a cell for 5 days. Did you enjoy the nude pictures that arresting officer took of Clif on his cell phone and showed them to everyone in the jail and who know to who else. Did you watch him take them? Did you report that? It was the talk of the jail, you certainly would have heard about it, at the least. Power, that's what it's all about! Power and abuse of authority.

Anonymous said...

Why did you turn your back on the things that happened in that place?

Anonymous said...

that was to the former JCCO Why did you turn your back on the things that happened in that place?

Former Johnson County Officer said...

Your are right he is more of a man than me because I have already stated that I am a woman.... And I can see that this is a little to ridiculous for me... Good luck...?

2:56 said...

seems to me that someone can't handle to truth being told - what is ridiculious is that people who work in the prison system really can't live with what is going on in each one of them. That is why they bounce from job to job, until they learn how corrupt it is and then finally get completley out of the legal system , it always goes back to "someone else will do something about it"
former Offcier - whether you are a man or woman, the main thing is you have no - how do I say it without being rude - backbone

Anonymous said...

to the CO 9:28 "and definitely, more so than you", Duh!, that was referring to the fact that you are a woman.

It's not that it's too ridulous for don't seem to be able to follow your own conversation, let alone mine.

Maybe when someone else posts again in your defense, you can again say "Yeah, that's what I meant".

My goal is to reach out to others in Johnson County who have been abused by their system, and encourage them to come forward.

Anonymous said...

Why, why did you turn your back when you knew your husband was committing the crime of taking someone else identity so that he wouldn't have to go back to TDCJ. Why...... The same reason's I did? Either because you didn't know or you couldn't stop it. For one I couldn't have taken pictures of him nude because we aren't allowed to bring cell phones or other digital devices in and also why would I want to? Not all officers are the monsters that you are trying to make them out to be. I seen Deputy Hogan (the officer that "beat" your husband) when he brought him in the jail, and he is also a friend of mine and my husbands, your husband was not the only one that took a "beating". Yes he was tasered only because he ran and Hogan didn't want to shoot him. We at the sheriffs office saw the dash cam as well in a training course and not all of what you are saying is completely true. Did Cliff get hit , yes. Should he have been as many times after he stopped running from the Deputy, no. But he did run... I don't agree with all that goes on in the correctional systems, but if some one was to steal your identity or rape or murder your loved one you would want us and correctional officers to do all we can to make sure they stayed in prison. Right? When you are working some where other than booking in the jail you don't always know what a persons crime is. Like I said I don't agree with all that goes on in this line of business but this is a career that I have chosen and done well at since I was 18. Your husband cussed me out and called me every thing but my name, and was just as hateful as he could be when he was brought into booking, that is why I called him a cry baby, maybe ass hole was a better name. I understand that he was still high on adrenaline, but you were not there in the booking area right at that moment were you? I was and the pictures being taken while he was nude and being showed off never happened while I was around, we did how ever take pictures with his clothes on and him lifting his shirt to show the injury's that happened to him. So before you make me or any other officers out to be monsters maybe you should get both sides of what happened, and the reason we keeped him in look up for so long was because the identity he stole was an officers id that was working that very next day, and from my understanding did side work for your husband, and we did not want for that officer to do any thing to him. Like I said before I don't work for that facility any longer because they didn't take care of their own people. Unfortunately your husband had been in the system before and knew the awful things that go on, so why would he screw up in the first place to have his parole violated. I understand that this is your husband and you are going to believe in and love him for him, but what he did could have ruined D.K's life.

Anonymous said...

To the CO - First of all, I didn't say YOU took the pics. But I do thank you for publicly stating what I've already said loud & clear, your "friend" used "excessive force" on Clif, he beat him because he could and because he was mad. Now of course, when Clif was mad because he had just been beaten within an inch of his life and cussed at you, he was a "cry baby" or now an "asshole" but when your "friend" almost beats a man half to death, even though that man is NOT behaving in a threatening manner (and excuse me but running is not a threatening manner), he's a "hero". For those who know the truth, he's a "zero". If you saw that video at work, then you put yourself in my place and ask yourself if that was your husband on that "educational" video being brutally beaten, not just to subdue him, but long after, what would you feel towards that so-called law enforcement officer and those who defend him? What "education" did you all receive, that "if you use excessive force, JCSO will hide and protect you" and give you a commendation too. Since your friend's such a man to be looked up to, ask him why he intentionally dislocated one of Clif's shoulders and tried to dislocate the other, even after he was in handcuffs and face down on the ground? My husband NEVER laid a hand on Hogan, was never a threat to him. Only Clif had to worry whether he would come out of the situation alive! Your "friend" is a disgrace to his profession. As far as that ID, I have no intention of discussing it with you. You want to "out" that person's name too. And NOTICE I haven't used your "friend's name" in any of my blogs. You did. So you make sure you let Hogan know I didn't put it out there. I wouldn't won't him pull me over in his patrol car for not turning my blinker on and do whatever he wants with me! What's your name BTW, since you use everyone else's so freely!

Anonymous said...

So, Ms. CO - Cat got your tongue! You dug a hole for your "friend", didn't you?

Well, he's not alone. The news today, 4-24-10, is exposing the failings of other officers AND correctional officers, just like him. Just in case you missed the news, here's a recap!

How about the officers that stopped a hispanic family and took their truck because the man's proof of insurance had expired. Didn't matter that his brother brought the current proof of insurance to the scene BEFORE the officers had the man's truck towed away! He was told "It's too late". And the man couldn't even get out of the truck by himself, he needed his wheelchair. They had to physically take him out of his truck and dump him on the side of his road, along with his wife and 6 year old son, who was crying because he was so scared. If someday, he grows up and commits crimes because of his lack of respect for "law enforcement", who will care? We should all care that this child lost his right to grow up believing in and trusting that law enforcement is there to protect them, to turn to for help. We all pay a price for this kind of behaviors.

Or how about the drunk "officer" who drove his car into a couples bedroom? Does anybody wonder how many people he took to jail for drinking and driving?

And thank you Grits for this one:

Friday, April 23, 2010
Brookins found guilty of TYC sex abuse charges; sentencing today

A jury found former TYC administrator Ray Brookins guilty of molesting youth under his supervision at a Texas youth prison in West Texas. It sounds like prosecutors from the Attorney General came loaded for bear and Brookins didn't have much of a defense beyond pointing out the victim was a criminal.

Now what a defense that was, but it didn't work and you know what, that defense is going to work less and less, as people wake up more and more to the "crimes" and "injustices" being committed by those who are supposed to "serve the public" and "uphold the law".

You guys are being "outed" more and more every day, even by each other.

Anonymous said...

And Ms. CO: I thought you'd enjoy my other blog because I really believe you're a part of it too.

To the blogger who claims to be the "victim". Who are you really?

Now folks, isn't this interesting?

Here's someone who's "pretending" to be the person whose ID was used, and what's he himself doing? STEALING THAT SOME PERSON'S IDENTITY?

Oh the depth to which some of you from JC will stoop. It's legal to lock someone up for using a false ID but then you can come on here, pretending to be that same person, impersonating him, and you haven't done anything wrong. It's all the same dude!

No, actually there is a difference: "Officers" can use any means availble to them to get information, including impersonating an individual. You totally misused information that you can into possession of, probable through work with that individual.

Now that's the pot calling the kettle black!

YOU'RE BUSTED! I called the person who's ID was used. He said it's not him. And he doesn't appreciate your pretending to be. I knew by what you were saying, you weren't him. I just needed time to reach him before I busted you.

He told me to let everybody reading these blog know; He doesn't consider himself a "victim". No harm came to him or his family in any was as a result of his ID being used. AND that he didn't write any of the so-called "victim" blogs above.

Well, there you have it folks, more of JC's underhanded methods, always above the law themselves.

Anonymous said...

To Ms. Co - you said "not all of what you are saying is completely true".

Can you be specific about that statement? What is not true? You must have something in mind.

And your justification of putting Clif in lockdown naked, without a mattress for 5 days was, "because they didn't want that officer to do any thing to him."

"That" officer has self control, unlike some people you know. He said to tell you since you worked with for some time, you know better than that statement, he would never have harmed Clif. That's not who he is, personally or professionally! And he said to tell you that you behaved totally unprofessional by putting his initials online. Your only kowledge of who he is comes from the fact that you were working at the jail at the time of Clif's arrest, you "booked" him in. He said employees at the jail are not allowed to talk about anything they see or hear while at work. I wonder if TDCJ requires the same discretion from their employees?

Which brings me to the real reason Clif was kept in isolation. The jail wanted Clif to have healed to some extent prior to anyone, like me and his son, seeing him. Even so, he didn't even get a shower first to wash the blood out of his hair, he was black and blue from shoulder to thigh, and his intentionally dislocated shoulder was in a sling. Yes, there are two eye witnesses to his condition when he was finally allowed visitors.

And how about the stitches being removed from his head, while he held his head to the bars, with tweezers. It's a wonder he didn't get staff from such an unsanitary action.

Anybody interested in jail standards in Johnson County, hope you're paying attention. Unsanitary conditions and inmates receiving either insufficient or NO medical care in commonplace.

Anybody else who has a loved one in Johnson County jail, who is not receiving propert medical attention, or most likely, NO medical attention for their individual medical problems, you need to tell someone about it. Put it right here on Grits for Breakfast. Sooner or later, the public is going to have enough.

For those who are currently suffering there, sooner can't come soon enough!

2:56 said...

Get your lawyer to subpeona the records that night for Cliff's booking. For the employees that worked that night. You can narrow it down from the hour that Cliff was booked in to the next shift change. Then you will find out who this girl is that is telling everyone's buisness.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that blog

Check it out!

People really don't like employees who keep secrets about the abuse of others, do they?

Those who do these things think noone that matters will ever find out, but guess what, all "offenders" eventually get caught, right? It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

to 2:56 Great minds think alike! Others just don't think.

Anonymous said...

Burleson attorney gets 90 days of jail in plea deal
Posted Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010 Print Share Buzz up!Reprints Article
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A Burleson attorney was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years' probation Thursday for falsifying court documents in a Johnson County divorce case and in an unrelated breach-of-contract lawsuit.

Kevin S. Williams struck a deal with prosecutors and, in exchange for the sentence, he pleaded guilty to fabricating evidence. Had he gone to trial, he could have faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

As part of the plea deal, he was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine, surrender his law license, and write a public apology to the judges and attorneys of Tarrant and Johnson counties.

"I think it's a pretty tough plea, but that is the way we deal with lawyers who violate the rules. We owe a higher duty to the public," said David Lobingier, a Tarrant County assistant district attorney who was brought in as a special prosecutor. "We don't want to give anyone a slap on the wrist, especially lawyers."

Williams' attorney, Kyle Whitaker, could not be reached for comment late Thursday. Williams' public apology read:

"I sincerely apologize for the taint and tarnish my actions, and resulting criminal indictment, have caused to our noble and honorable profession. The overwhelming majority of lawyers daily abide by the ethical rules, and conduct themselves in an honorable and righteous manner, and I realize my conduct has a detrimental effect on the profession. For all the negative that has resulted from my conduct and association with our profession, I am truly sorry."

According to the State Bar of Texas website, Williams voluntarily gave up his law license March 15.

Lobingier and an investigator with Tarrant County's economic crimes unit were appointed Oct. 9 by Judge William Bosworth of the 413th District Court in Johnson County to investigate complaints against Williams, who practiced criminal, civil and family law in Johnson and Tarrant counties.

Officials said Williams, a 2003 graduate of the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, falsified documents in a breach-of-contract real estate lawsuit and then gave the documents to his clients after they inquired about the status of their suit.

One document, a petition, bore the forged signature of Fort Worth attorney Greg Westfall. The two other documents, which were default judgments, had the forged signatures of 18th District Judge John Neill and Tarrant County Family Court Judge William Harris.

While they were investigating that incident, Lobingier said, they learned that Williams had presented a counterfeit final divorce decree to the ex-wife of a client, which had another unauthorized Neill signature.

In February, a Johnson County grand jury indicted Williams on one count each of fabricating a document, tampering with a government document and forgery in the divorce case. In the breach-of-contract case, the grand jury returned three counts of tampering with documents and three counts of forgery.

Lobingier said he doesn't understand why Williams chose to create false documents instead of legitimately performing his job.

"I think he was just lazy," he said. "I have yet to figure out any benefit to him for doing this."

MELODY M cDONALD, 817-390-7386

Read more:

princess101 said...

I just have one question for all you corrupt COPS/corrupt Probation officers in JOHNSON COUNTY.....How can you even sleep at night not to mention sleep GOOD knowing that all of you just thrive on fu**ing peoples life's up? I'm just curious.......Cuz to me that takes a sick person to do unlawful acts as u all do.

seogenie said...

I’ve visited many blogs and I can confidently say that this here is better than any other. Favorite, I added this on Digg, and I added the feed. Thanks!

NYC General Contractor

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know of three (3) people that was arrested and spent 28 days up to 43 days in Johnson county and was never charged with anything, that was 16 years ago and it shows on their records as being arrested, but no reason why or any charges ever being filed. Johnson County is one of the crookedest places I know. When asked how to get this off their records they were told they would have to hire and attorney and take it to the courts which means more money to the crooked county. All this over a custody battle. They should have sued but they are good people that does not want to stir the pot.

Anonymous said...

Everybody know JC is crooked from top to bottom. Nobody does anything about it. So let them continue to destroy your lives. Bend over, get screwed and say thank you, when would you like to do it again!

Anonymous said...

There is something messed up about Johnson County. My cousin is currently there waiting a trial to plead NOT GUILTY. They wake him up and don't even warn him when he has court, like they want him to look unshaven and unclean... more criminal like. They keep putting off a trial and it seems fraudulent to me. Maybe they are making money off of him just being there. He is innocent and I believe it shouldn't take longer than a year to get him a trial. They have nothing to back up their accusations, mean while my cousin is stuck in a jail while his house is being foreclosed among other things. This county is messed up and I wish there was something that I can do to help him. I cry so many times when I think of him in that environment. He will be proven innocent it is just hard working up to that point. How long does the amendment mean when it says we have a right to a speedy trial? When he gets out he will have nothing, all thanks to Johnson County!!!

Anonymous said...

There is something messed up about Johnson County. My cousin is currently there waiting a trial to plead NOT GUILTY. They wake him up and don't even warn him when he has court, like they want him to look unshaven and unclean... more criminal like. They keep putting off a trial and it seems fraudulent to me. Maybe they are making money off of him just being there. He is innocent and I believe it shouldn't take longer than a year to get him a trial. They have nothing to back up their accusations, mean while my cousin is stuck in a jail while his house is being foreclosed among other things. This county is messed up and I wish there was something that I can do to help him. I cry so many times when I think of him in that environment. He will be proven innocent it is just hard working up to that point. How long does the amendment mean when it says we have a right to a speedy trial? When he gets out he will have nothing, all thanks to Johnson County!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for anyone who believe's Clif's exaggerated story. He is one to try to make people feel sorry for him. He is a violent, raging, mental case that needs regular medication. There were witnesses when he was arrested. Read the paper for goodness sake. There is more than one issue here. I don't agree with anyone being mistreated (prisoner or not) but I guarantee that Clif was more than violent with the arresting officers. After all it is he that once said he would do anything to never go back to prison...he has lived there for much of his life. The problem is that he is mentally unstable and violent with an out of control temper. The only life that he knows is that of a criminal and he would betray you no matter who you are or how 'nice' of a guy you think he is. People want to believe the most outrageous story which is probably why many people believe what is posted previously. The problem it, it isn't the whole truth. I guarantee not that she would admit it, but his wife has seen the nasty side of his violence too. This isn't the most interesting story but it is the truth...not imbelished...not lies. FYI like I said...he or she wouldn't give the whole story as to not make him look bad. they would like for you to think that the only thing that he did was have a false ID. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Former C/O For Johnson County (LaSalle Southwest corrections)

I do have to say, there is alot of people in the jail that complain just to do it and waste peoples time, but with that being said I also have to say, LaSalle treat most of the inmates and alot of their officers like trash. The Lt on my shift did thier job but most of the officers do neglect the inmates and do break jail standards, the HR department treats their officers like a steaming pile of crap and takes them for their money as much as they can, the only people who mean anything to this company and jail is the ICE detainees since they are the money makers otherwise you will see alot of inmates go without towels, toilet paper or other essentials for days sometimes weeks. I seen this crap everyday and dealt with it first hand. I got to the point that I could not stand even seeing the place anymore so I quit there. There are some good officers there, but for the most part from my personal experience of working in that jail for a while is the inmates ARE mistreated and neglected and the jail IS NOT up to standards. If I had the choice Id change alot around but its all about their money, nickel and diming anyone they can anytime they can inmate and officer too. I believe alot of what clif says, maybe he was violent with the arresting officer but I would bet my money on it that hes telling the truth about how the jail treats him ive seen it first hand.

Johnson County Sucks said...

I am so happy to have discovered this great website that openly discusses the atrocities of most corrupt county in the modern era of the United States. Tens of thousand of men's and women's lives have been thrown away in the name of justice by Johnson County Texas. Some are completely innocent, but most are guilty to some extent, but they don't deserve the punishments given by the sadistic courts of JC. I have personally spent 9 months of my life in that hellhole so I know what goes on. There is nothing like the sound of 2 or 3 men's names being called at 4am with all 72 men in the dorm knowing those unfortunate souls are catching chain and going to prison for more time than they should. There are more people on probation per capita in JC than any other county in US with a minimum population of 100,000. That is their great money maker and something needs to be done to stop this awful place's abuse of power. They have ruined so many lives that it's staggering. Please check out Peter Gorman's article online from the Ft Worth Weekly's archives entitled "Come on Vacation Leave on Probation". It gives an accurate description of the evil doings of JC and its puppet legal system. Unless its members submit to the Lord and repent for their wrongdoings they will surely burn in hell. I have personally heard the stories of hundreds of men who did not deserve what they got for a punishment. As for the lady C/O who takes the side of JC you can go jump in a lake. Eventually JC will be taken down after larger media outlets are informed. Their treatment of hispanics is outrageously racist as most of them don't even know why they have been detained. Because I'm hispanic one of their "Bubba" police officers asked, "You speak English?" I replied, "Better than you sir. Why don't you ask your mother? She knows how well I speak it you thick headed ******"

Anonymous said...

corruption is everywhere. walk more than the straight line. jail is complete mental torture, if not worse. im no angile. please strive and best luck.

Anonymous said...

truly sorry. im no angel but the best thing we can do is do more thn walk that straight line. jail is sheer mental torture true. best to all of you.

joy said...


Anonymous said...

Harsh conditions beyond belief do no good.
Anyone even in jail deserve quality health care.
I hope you "anonomous" end up wrongly jailed.
You must be from cleburne (a backward dump i now live in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stfu you worthless waste of a human being. If there is a god you will be shanked at work or worse I hope.