Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senate panel discussing juvie justice topics

The Senate Criminal Justice Committee this morning will hear testimony on several critical juvenile justice issues. Here are the Interim Charges they'll be discussing:
Charge five:
Review the detention of juvenile offenders in local jails, state jails, and Texas Department of Criminal Justice prison units by examining conditions of confinement, including quality of education, mental health treatment and medical services, rehabilitative treatment, and equality of access to services for young female inmates. Review access to administrative and inspector general grievances in TDCJ facilities. Make recommendations for improving the system and reduce recidivism of juvenile offenders.

Charge eight:
Study and evaluate the success of juvenile probation pilot programs aimed at community-based diversion of youth from Texas Youth Commission facilities. Make recommendations for needed legislative action and additional programs to increase the number of delinquent youth successfully rehabilitated in their home communities.

Charge nine:
Consider the impact that secondary education school disciplinary laws and policies have on the juvenile justice system and the adult prison system. Recommend changes, if needed, to current law.
Here's their agenda, and here's a link to archived video of the hearing (updated).

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