Friday, April 09, 2010

Texans and Pardon Power

A couple of posts related to Texans caught my eye at the excellent blog Pardon Power:
And as a bonus, here's a pardon story that starts in Louisiana and ends up on Galveston Island:

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Thomas R. Griffith said...

Hey Grits, thanks for the links. On the topic of Pardons, the detective shown (in police report) to have willingly played a crucial role in securing false charges against me in 84 is running for Judge. Coincidentally I found him in recent GFB links & his family rule is "Just do what is right." He is shown to have had two opportunities to do the right thing but clearly didn’t choose to.

I wish to present him with copies of the 10-page police report, the mug shot and additional certified court documents. In doing so, I hope to refresh his memory of events and allow him to see the error of his ways as they are spelled out in black & white. It is obvious that he and others never anticipated that I would one day be able to purchase it due to the level of arrogance and no steps being left out.

Then and only then, I'd pray that he would do the ‘right thing’ by contacting the Governor's Office, the presiding Judge in the 263rd, and the Sheriff's Office with his request(s) for letter(s) of recommendation for a Full Pardon - based on innocence.

Q. What would you consider as the best way and method to initiate contact with this person? BTW 'he' never physically harmed me or threatened me in any way, he only framed me and the ADA took it from there. Thanks.