Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad homeland security bill gets worse

After some of its more radical bits were stripped out in the Senate, the big "homeland security" bill of the session, SB 9, was larded with reactionary amendments in committee, reports the Texas Observer's Melissa del Bosque. Not only were southbound checkpoints, REAL ID provisions, an Arizona-style E-Verify requirement, and other objectionable elements added to the bill, fees that would have funded the multi-million dollars in new spending in the bill have been replaced with language from a considered-dead House bill that would tap asset forfeiture funds to cover costs. See her story for more details.


Anonymous said...

The progressive open border advocates say it's "controversial" to do anything at all to reduce the flood of illegal border crossings. There does seem to be a lot of organizations promoting this position.

A Texas PO said...

This bill will do nothing to reduce illegal border crossings. It's sole purpose, IMO, is to harass the citizens of this state, particularly if you happen to look like "one of them." The southbound checkpoints may slow the tide of guns being trafficked into Mexico, but shouldn't that be their problem? Heck, the Feds are already working in these areas to do this. DPS and local LEOs need to focus on the problems that happening in our communities, no overstepping their authority to handle international matters. What's next? Will security guards be allowed to detain someone for an immigration violation and then drive them to the border and boot 'em out? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams' and his homies won't rest until we are all in the criminal data bases and paying handsomely for the privilege.

Of course the enhanced penalties for various offenses, including up to life (does that apply to possession of 'tire deflating devices'Tommy?) will be noted as having no fiscal effect.

Can I have a primary opponent for Williams please?

Anonymous said...

Boone, Crockett, Travis, and Austin would be ashamed of us. SB9 is a mockery of everything they stood for, and fought for.